As Earth Day’s 41st Anniversary is approaching, the Supreme Court is preparing itself for a battle over whether or not climate change issues will be heard in the high court. The case would decide whether or not green house gas emissions could be considered a “nuisance” under the law. The defendants are five of the largest emitting corporations in the world, and they are going up against stakeholders from seven different states. What interests me most about this issue is that undoubtedly all of the victims calling this act of emitting a nuisance, will also be perpetrators… surely none of them are innocent of producing GHG emissions! Even if we narrowed the scope of
‘perps’ to those who measured a certain emission level specified by the EPA as worthy of litigation, there would still be over 1000 defendants… I feel like this is just the beginning. As GHG emissions increase and effects of climate change begin to show more and more apparently, we could see some pretty crazy things going on legally and otherwise. This is essentially the largest Tragedy of the Commons the world has ever seen – truly no one is innocent and no one is unaffected…. justtttt something to ponder!

Oh, and be nice to your Mama this Earth Day by doing something eco-friendly and awesome. Happy Earth Day y’all 🙂