green carpet event

April 26, 2011

I am going to have as much fun as I can with this. Which probably consists of me being all dolled up because I never get to since all my friends are dudes and most of my down time is spent sitting playing video games or watching basket ball these days. It also means that when “I go out” I never get dressed up because then I just end up looking like a jump off. =\

If I have time, I’ll try to u[cycle something and make it seem high fashion(: . If I don’t have time, well then I’ll just stick to my classy little black dress which seems like the inevitable path. -__-

I think people should wear whatever they want to wear.. If Dan wants to wear a suit made of plastic water bottles-so be it. While searching the internet for a bottle suit photo, i found this. LMAO check it out…

If Ryan and Paul want to wear nothing but socks and bike helmits- SO BE IT! (jk don’t)(then again… jk about j/king) O_o

As for refreshments, its not really that serious.. The event will last for about an hour. I will aim to bake chocolate chip cookies with reese’s peanut buttercups baked in them, for those with peanut allergies.. I’m sorry you have to miss out on an essential element of happiness (in terms of not EVER consuming a reese’s peanut butter cup) but… just don’t eat them. =\

ALSO—> I really wan’t to make a fun short video where we’re all zombies and we chase Alanna around passion puddle. I think she’s had a hard semester and she deserves to get a laugh in somewhere.  (: (If we made this video and I died shortly after in a freak accident then I’d be happy with my life. . . well no, first I’d have to make it to harry potter land. . . THEN AND ONLY THEN would I be happy.)


3 Responses to “green carpet event”

  1. danravs said


  2. Caron said

    I love peanut butter and chocolate.

    I would hate for the green carpet event to lead to more consumption.

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