birds! Birds!! BIRDS!!!

April 20, 2011

I think I may be turning into a bird brain! I have been studying the numerous orders and families of these winged creatures, in order to prepare for an Ornithology practical exam. At first I was just studying names and birds, nothing more and nothing less. Then I started to realize that some of the characteristics of birds were pretty cool. I was noticing their beauty for what they could do. I saw their beauty in their flight, in their respiratory system, and, among other things, in their architectural capacities! What I didn’t realize, until I sat in a room filled with them, was their sheer beauty, raw and perfect. I just fell in love!

This one is called a Scarlet Tanager! We have them here.

This is one of my favorites, and it is called a Black-billed Magpie!

Look at this little guy called a Blackburnian Warbler, he is so cute, and lights up the world in a way. All birds have beauty to offer, whether through song or ability or beauty!

Here is a song from a funny little bird. It sound like he is saying “drink your teeeee”. Here is the image to that funny little bird called an Eastern Towhee.

You also have really large birds that carry majesty and power with them at all times like the Bald Eagle!

It just makes me appreciate our world even more!

This last bird is one of the fastest birds in the world!

So Beautiful! I found of how fast this bird is moving, which is pretty cool. The highest speed ever recorded 242 mph!

WATCH THIS! To wrap up I just wanted to say keep your eyes pealed to the skies for the beauty above!!!


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