Mother Nature Hates Podcasts

April 20, 2011

As mother nature continues to barrage us with a flurry of her fury, making every last possible opportunity to film anything with the hundreds of dollars  in equipment that we borrowed completely impossible due to rain, we yet again find ourselves in a predicament that really pisses me off.  Ideally I want to film the rest of this Pod cast and do it well. Caron shared an excellent video with us last week of last years class, in which I assume Lila took on the Bike project as well.? YES! i know we have the capability of doing this…and maybe better, but who knows, she’s a talented girl!

Anyway, I saw that Paul has reached out to the class to help us in class tomorrow. I agree, but feel like having people in our class act in our video will take away from the creativeness a bit. Not that the tailgating scenes we did for the other group were bad, that’s fine because it’s just a few scenes and we like to PARTY (though we know how to keep our guns in our pants) thanks for ruining Rutgersfest! But ours is a completely different story. Frankly you guys have your own work to do and I would like to see you continue to do that and make your videos as AWESOME AS POSSIBLE! We will get our people so don’t worry. Or do, and we will prove you wrong! 

I will be bringing my bike in tomorrow and hopefully we can round-up some peeps from the streets and get this bad boy filmed, the right way. We have a sick story board! I got some awesome footage of route 18 traffic the other day, scaling walls and laying just feet above the rush hour scene while being beeped and screamed at. SO were gonna crank it out and DO WORK SON!

 Lastly, Friday April 22nd is EARTHDAY, then comes Arbor Day the following Friday. So get some seeds (your preference ;)) and plant something. Or pick up some trash and help out mother nature so that maybe she can stop this rain shit and give us some nice sunny weather to finally enjoy! She’s pissed so give her a hug!


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