Tuesday Night is Bad Karaoke Night/Gotta Get Down Off Friday

April 19, 2011

First off, can someone help us film during class on Thursday? We were not able to film on Monday, due to some procrastination by our other actor and inability to secure a bike for filming. Oh, and does anyone have a bike? We do not have bikes and were using Andy’s bike for the previous drafts. The filming should only take 25-35 minutes if all the shots come out right. We’d do it for you!

Now that that’s out of the way, I have news. Last Saturday, I went to an open house at Seton Hall. I gotta say, it was nice being at a school that hasn’t had a shitload of bad press in the past academic year(Clementi, Rutgersfest, Snooki). While they recently had the Secretary General of the U.N. stop by to talk about community excellence or something like that(daydreaming about spy mission during that part of the tour), we here at Rutgers paid three semesters worth of somebody’s tuition to an alcoholic to tell us her philosophy on life for two hours. So we get to the library, and in there was a TV with CNN on, and rolling on the bottom of the screen was “GLEE TO COVER REBECCA BLACK’S ‘FRIDAY'”

After some initial disgust, especially since it was on CNN like it’s of national importance, I realized this was a good thing. Wait a minute, don’t I hate Glee? Yes, I do, but I feel them covering ‘Friday’ may finally get enough people to realize how awful this abomination to the world of entertainment is. Don’t get your panties in a twist, cause I’ve actually watched three episodes of Glee before, and besides being a novel concept(teen drama with bad American Idol contestants), it flat out sucks. The blond cheerleader is borderline retarded, the minorities in the club act like stereotypes, Will is inconsistent, the plot is scattered and full of holes and the main couple have NO CHEMISTRY. And, here’s where I’m gonna get a lot of bad press, Kurt and Sue(who are the same character) are to Ryan Murphy what Edward Cullen is to Stephanie Meyer: a wet dream about the romantic partner they never had and built up to be some incredibly unrealistic figure.

I’d be happy with Glee is the characters were more realistic or the singing was better, but them covering Rebecca Black shows the same problem that Lost had: making it up as they go along. Friday came out about two months ago, and it’s already in a script? With a big flashy sequence and tons of bad singing(worse than Rebecca Black did)? Huh, seems like if they just throw in a popular song at a random point it will distract people enough from the poor acting and writing. They’ve become a pop-culture show, one that tackles flavors of the month and finagling a plot around it rather than building one that can stand on it’s own. You might call it equivalent to South Park or the Simpsons, but those shows eventually turned into pop culture shows after about 9 seasons, not 1. Besides, when South Park covers a topic, they do it gracefully, not just cramming as much new crap into an episode and setting it on Friday so they can get the song in and sell another covers CD.

Here’s what we can all learn from Glee’s failings. We have to make films(or PSA’s, I don’t even know anymore) and have been given time to work out concepts, storyboard, shoot a rough cut, edit, shoot again, edit again and repeat until golden brown. We should be spending that time making a sustainable product, not shoving things in at the last minute because it’s cool today. Sure, this one concept to throw in might seem like a good idea when you’re doing it, but a few months from now you’ll look back and realize you made a whole sequence based on ‘Friday.’ And no one wants that. You also can’t just assume that an idea you have is going to fly with everyone else. Things have to be workshopped and thought over for a long time before finally being settled and agreed upon that it’s good. If an idea was good three months ago and is still good today, that’s a pretty good idea. Not one that’s getting it’s fifteen minutes of fame in.

Hopefully, in the time we’ve had in class to work on our ideas, we’ve developed ideas that are good enough to stand on their own. Not having a cultural tie-in allows the idea to be used again and again, rather than going out of style. It will still seem fresh down the road because it’s not automatically dating itself by putting a one trick pony into the plot. It also helps if you’re willing to sacrifice some creative licensing and give in to other people’s ideas and opinions, unlike Ryan Murphy, who at this point has developed quite a God Complex. Not every idea you have is a golden egg, since you are not a golden goose(unless you are, then by all means disregard that statement). By now, we should have a great concept(I know we do) and have worked out all the kinks, have a strong storyline and put our best foot forward. If everything doesn’t work out the way you planned, take solace in the fact that you are not JaMarcus Russell, who’s a good person to compare yourself to when feeling bad(it’s one of his strengths).


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