Ignorance & Raw Meat in the Fridge.

April 19, 2011

Hi, I am FURIOUS.. Let me fill you in…

So, everyone knows that the safe way to thaw meat in the fridge is to put it on the bottom shelf on top of a plate, which minimizes the risk of cross contamination. . .  and if you don’t know, now ya’ know.

well, my roommates had no idea. They were thawing turkey and chicken on the top shelf in a zip lock bag/shoprite bag. The good roomie puts a plate under hers (because she’s an understanding and awesome human being), and the bad roomie says ” Lets do an experiment.. She will put a plate under hers and I wont under mine and we’ll see if anyone gets sick.” I put a plate under hers anyway, and she said she wasn’t going to wash that plate. (She does her dishes once a week and eats like a cow anyway; not like this one dish would matter but little does she know that if she doesn’t wash it, it will be accidently broken.)

So I went on the internet and found an article about safely storing raw meat in the fridge and posted it on good roomies wall and tagging bad roomie in it.

Bad roomie : “ummm I took a course in microbio and infectious disease….get on my level”

i replied : “its called common courtesy, get on societies level”

You don’t need to take a course in microbio and infectious disease to know that when frozen things melt it leads to condensation, and moisture has a tendency to bond together. And then a little tiny thing called gravity, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it.. would cause it to drip all over my food. . . If this has been going on all year, I can see why I get sick so often.

What makes me boil the most, is the ignorance and the pride that gets in the way of accepting that her action of thawing poultry on the top shelf in nothing but a ziplock bag risks contaminating all of our food. And rather than just saying “hey, yeah.. I wouldn’t want to do anything that might get other people sick” like normal people in society would…. I get bitchassness.

How would you feel opening the fridge and seeing raw meat dripping all over your veggies!?!?

” Ew.. that can’t be good.”

” Ahem… You know about cross contamination right?”

then shes like “Whatever”

followed by an awkward moment… 

so that lead me to my room….



One Response to “Ignorance & Raw Meat in the Fridge.”

  1. bpawling said

    Okay number one this post is hilarious. Number two I had a similar experience with that and it was so disgusting that I have to tell someone. My roommate is a literal food hoarder. He’ll let shit literally go rotten in the fridge before throwing it out or letting anyone else have it. We have ziploc containers infested with mold that he refused to clean so I through them all out. I tried to do this whenever food went bad because if I didn’t he never would. So over Thanksgiving break he left an entire open lasagna in the fridge and it molded out of the container and onto the fridge. Since that the entire house has never been healthy all at once. Someone is always sick. I blame that effing lasagna. Sorry I had to get that out!

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