Why I Voted Democrat

April 13, 2011

The GOP‘s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year included giving 1 trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top 1% of Americans, cutting educational funds by 24%, drop Medicaid and Medicare completely and cut transportation by 40%. I ask the anti-Obama supporters to take a second and to fully absorb this proposed budget by the Republican party. With all of us in college right now, I am sure you can imagine  the immediate effect that cutting a quarter of our entire educational budget would do. The U.S. is currently rank 18th out of the world in education. This may seem like an accomplishment, but  we are much farther behind when you take into account how many of these nations are considered industrialized such as the United States. The U.S. is supposed to be a leader in today’s world, but how can we do so when we constantly slip further behind in education. How prosperous a country is cannot be determined solely by its financial capital but also it’s human capital. If we cut educational funding, we are hurting the future of our children and our country. I do not understand where all the hostile criticism of Obama’s opposition to the GOP’s budget comes from. Why does the top 1% of Americans need 1 1trillion in tax breaks. It is proven that the trickle down effect does not work anymore. Any extra money is usually spent in foreign markets rather than in our own economy. How can it be okay to keep giving the millionaires and billionaires of this country tax cuts while 44 million Americans today are on food stamps because they cannot afford to adequately feed their family. The proposed budget also dropped Medicare and Medicaid programs completely leaving 58 million senior Americans without health insurance, leaving them to fend for themselves from the health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. The average senior citizen spends $1,500 every year on medicine and if  we were to disband Medicare, this amount could easily quadruple making it impossible for most senior citizens to get the medical attention they need.  If this doesn’t seem bad enough, the additional 40% cut from transportation will more than likely cripple our infrastructure in the future. The United States is already the 3rd worst industrialized country in the world when it come’s to green energy. We are leaps and bounds behind our European allies, whom taking huge progressive steps in the alternative energy field. We cannot afford to fall behind any further than we are now. We need a revolution, a moment of pure clarity, when both parties can meet on a common ground and finally begin taking our country in the right direction in which we are providing an adequate future for not only ourselves but for the generations after us as well.


One Response to “Why I Voted Democrat”

  1. paulshol said

    The whole US being 18th in the world in education can be summed up by one statement: Snooki U.

    The budget issue is the result of party bosses throwing their weight around to keep power in their favor. And latent racism towards Obama, still. They are looking at the right now and not the future, when medical coverage and infrastructure problems will effect us. Well, hopefully our kids will solve it, right. 18th in education is still Top 20, right GOP?

    The energy problems can be looked at like French health. French citizens have poor dietary habits and smoke in excess, but still have better overall health than America. Why? Because they exercise more. They outweight the harm they are doing to their body with positive habits. While the US has poor green habits, all we need is to outweigh it with positive energy initiatives. Or get rid of the South; not our country, not our problem.

    1 more thing: I know you said you wanted an instrumental for the video with a certain vibe. How about something along this line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSWWyCiX6E8

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