Trail Blazin

April 13, 2011

While riding my bike, gasping for air, on one of my first rides of the spring season the other day, I thought I would blog about mountain biking. I enjoy riding bikes whether is be on the trails in the woods that surround where I live, or simply down the roads in my town. It is an excellent form of exercise that gets the heart and legs pumping, and gets those buns tight tight tight! 

I mean it is only appropriate that trying to promote the Rutgers Bike Share program, that I myself actually ride bikes. Though I do not ride to class, because I do not have my bike down here at school (one of the main problems the BSP is trying to fix!) In highschool I was in the mountain biking club which opened my eyes to the many spots around New Jersey that there are to mountain bike. Just in my area I can ride at Tourne Park in Boonton which has great trails for riding!  Also is Ringwood State Park in…uhhh Ringwood. Those are my usual spots that I like to go riding at because they allow both biking and hiking on their trails. Many parks do not allow biking on the trails as it damages the trails which is understandable, and as an EPIB major I would not want to go against those rules.

If you are looking for a nice ride in the Rutgers New Brunswick area, go across route 18 and right in the middle of the Raritan River is a LONG flat gravel bike and hiking path known as the D&R canal State park that runs from I believe Trenton, New Jersey all the way to Delaware. I have biked on it numerous times but have never went further than a few miles down and back. It will be on my “bucketlist”.

So if you are a biker like me, or want to get into it. DO IT! It’s so much fun and is a great exercise and a wonderful way to experience nature at the same time. If you are not from the area’s I mentioned no problem. Get on google and just search: mountain biking in New Jersey and you will find tons of lists like this. Find a place you want to visit and ride your bike at…or hike, and enjoy. Hey, if you want I will come with and we can have a grand ole time!


One Response to “Trail Blazin”

  1. akhiggins said

    Sounds cool! I love biking – I used to bike all the time when I was little. Where is the access point to the D&R trail?

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