Mirror mirror on the wall, MY movie is the fairest of THEM all!

April 13, 2011

As I sit here listening to Capital Lights trying to calm myself from a terrible past 10 days, I lay stuck because my video and I have a love hate relationship. Words are not flowing like a river tonight! The content and the idea behind the movie is awesome, but I have some reservations about the shots that were taken and the message conveyed. My head is so confused with this video. I love learning how to film and edit a video that I shot and story-lined with my partners. Working with premiere pro has been a blast as well. I feel like a pro when it comes to the technical and editorial aspect! I feel that I am really good at coming up with ideas, both creative and concise, concerning the video. However, I feel that when actually shooting the necessary scenes for the movie, they fall short. Like they are all missing something. Something like continuity or fire and desire. They are just not the caliber that I would like. To sum up, I really do have a love hate relationship with this video.



One Response to “Mirror mirror on the wall, MY movie is the fairest of THEM all!”

  1. akhiggins said

    Just a couple more weeks! We can do it!

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