The Maturity of our Goverment

April 7, 2011

How is it possible for our government to shut down? I have been asking this question recently while watching CNN. As many of you may know, if a deal is not struck between the democrats and republicans by midnight on Friday then the government goes into shut down where “essential” employees will be asked to come to work and with no pay while all other non-essential employees will be told to do not come to work or even turn on their blackberries.  The Republicans and Democrats are in a battle over the 2011 federal budget and they have been unable to come to any sort of agreement in negotiations. President Obama has even had a meeting with both party leaders to try and help settle this argument. The Republicans also publicly announced they will vote strictly on party lines and cause the government shutdown unless more cuts are made.  When discussing the matter Obama said “But it’s going to require a sufficient sense of urgency from all parties involved to prevent a shutdown that could have real effects on everyday Americans.” The other heated topic on the table between the two parties is the Republicans call to repeal the clean air act which listed certain gases such as carbon pollution and also mercury, soot, smog, and sulfur. I find this absolutely ridiculous that our government can’t reach an agreement and that the party’s are trying to see which one will make the first move. It’s embarrassing that we are facing complete shutdown over something as simple as this.


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