Lightbulb! (:

April 6, 2011

If its not too much to ask, would it be possible for everyone to wear red shirts to all of our thursday classes until Alanna and I can capture enough film? Its been very difficult to take advantage of a nice day, yet alone have a nice day in April. We also run into the problem of having a nice day but not being able to round up a small group of people..

So if it cramps anyones style to wear a red shirt every thursday morning, maybe you can just bring one and throw it over your swag for the camera. (:

Also, I’m pretty sure its against Rutger’s code of conduct to bring a case of hopps on campus regardless of its academic significance.. I figured we can just fill a box of beer up with soda can’s and drink from red cups and then throw the cups around and act like a bunch of  tipsy, youthful, avid sports fans at a tailgate  (:

Please consider it, help a homegirl out ❤



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