Facebook Addiction!

April 6, 2011

A class in which I am currently taking called Drugs, Culture and Society (I needed credits!) focuses around the concept of addictions. Now we mostly talk about substance related addictions, much like being addicted to water bottles…poor Dan 😦 But recently we were given the task of staying off Facebook (mind you I only went to the login page) and any other social media stalking programs including your “crackberry” , I phones and if possible the internet and phones all together for 1 week. Being that I have to Blog and do countless other school assignments, I will continue using the internet. But staying off of Facebook and whatever else sounds so extremely easy to do. One week, no Facebook, Big deal. But it is actually quite interesting looking at the situation in the terms of an ADDICTION.

Are we addicted to social media such as Facebook? From what I have learned an addiction: is  a compulsive behavior that a person needs to fulfill in order to satisfy a craving or desire. This behavior usually leads to a point where this person experiences a complete loss of control of the world around them, and they feel powerless to the grip of the addiction. Therefore can obsession to Facebook or your “crackberry” be diagnosed as an addiction. Sure it can if it meets the criteria that addicts meet.

If not being able to go on Facebook gives you feelings of being lost, left out, anxious, loss of control, feelings of being powerless to it, find yourself always thinking about getting on it, then you may indeed be ADDICTED to FACEBOOK!

 So think about it, why do you go on Facebook if you do? Are you trying to fulfill some sort of need or desire? Do you feel better or worse about yourself when you are on it? Does it indeed give you a “natural high?” These are all thing to think about next time you log on to make sure whether or not you stayed home and went to bed last night, or was the dream you had where you trashed a hotel suite in Las Vegas, stole Mike Tyson’s Tiger, married a random woman, and put your friend and his mattress on the roof of the hotel really a reality. Heck if it weren’t for Facebook you may never actually know. Good thing the girl with the camera was there to capture it all!

Being that Addiction is more a process then an individual problem, it can be seen how something as crazy as Facebook or a blackberry phone can actually lead to an unhealthy addiction. Don’t let this be you!


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