Beach Access Rules That DON’T Rule.

April 6, 2011

I rarely rant. This is rant-worthy from my perspective. Sorry in advance.

Chris Christie and his cabinet of clowns have once again unveiled some environmentally BEAT legislation. Commissioner of the DEP Bob Martin along with Christie have proposed to public access rules regarding beaches and waterways…

Christie claims that it’s common sense to give towns the ability to make their own beach access plans and policies. I beg to differ. Corzine was no saint, but he knew his stuff when it came to beach and waterway access. He required 24/7 local access and municipalities who didn’t comply didn’t get DEP funding for replenishment and upkeep. It makes sense – what taxpayer in their right mind would be cool with paying a crap load of money for beach replenishment projects when Christie is giving towns that THRIVE off of pricey private beaches and coastal development, the ability to make their own rules regarding public beach access?! DUH. Tell me you can’t anticipate what will happen there…

I’m not saying that the DEP should have blanket legislation over how all municipalities manage their beaches, I’m just saying that there should be a state minimum of public access allowed say.. per square mile or something. Otherwise, my (mom’s) money is going to pay to upkeep beaches we’re not even going to be able to get onto. Eagleton Institute here at RU even did a poll last December, which found that 82% of New Jersey residents feel that when government funds (aka taxpayer dollars) are used to replenish beaches, towns should be required to improve visitor access. This legislation is going to work in stark contrast with that sentiment. AWESOME. THANKS for working in the best interest of your constituency CC.

I bet he’s just bitter because he looks bad in a bathing suit.


2 Responses to “Beach Access Rules That DON’T Rule.”

  1. paulshol said

    All I know is, most of our problems these days can be solved if we get rid of the conservative/liberal agendas and politics in general. Having party bosses push certain red tape regulations that will improve the country for them and not for the people destroys any fabric of democracy in this country. Love the U.S., but nothing good every gets accomplished politically because of agendas by each party trying to shut the other one out because of extreme stances on certain issues. The few radicals ruin it for the rest, and it would be much better if the red state/blue state monikers were dropped and we elected candidates based on merit and their own ideas rather than lobbyists for each party. Remove the party system and more, hopefully better, legislature can be passed.

    However, I do believe that even if we remove the party system now, we’ll end up right back here eventually. We as a species ended up this way through cosmic coincidence and human nature, and given a fresh start we’ll come right back here in a few hundred years. When that does happen, though, I’d like the radical political movements to at least be honest. The Tea Party hates Obama because he’s socialist? Just come out and say they hate him cause he’s black. Stop hiding behind fancy words they don’t understand. I don’t mind them protesting, their ignorance and backwoods ways make for great comedy, but at least have the guts to say how you really feel when making an ass out of yourself.

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