Insomnia; natures middle finger.

March 31, 2011

Really? I thought after spring break things would start getting better. . . I mean, I didn’t think things could get any lower than they were..

Anyway, I’m not one to put personal issues on a blog (unless its an act of desperation) but yes it is 7 something am and as I lay in bed trying to find a wink of sleep all I have in my mind is this family guy clip.

Somethings got to give. Since I value my education more than my job, I’m going to make a tradeoff between my classes and food running till close at the cheesecake factory, with lack of sleep and malnourishment as a constant. This completely ruins my day, I can’t study anything because my brain turns to mashed potatoes…

Well heres a nice photo to think about..

wouldn’t that be cool for a new room… try drunk driving into THAT!~HOMEBOY!

jk drinking and driving isn’t a laughing matter. Its actually very serious but my delirious side is still holding a grudge.



One Response to “Insomnia; natures middle finger.”

  1. Caron said

    The houses look like sculptures. Juxtaposition of the tree and man-made shelters makes me look more closely at both. Interesting characterization of insomnia. If we have control of a behavior, is it “nature” or us. I did not sleep much last night…I know my brain was responsible for some of those reruns of the day. But I have a friend whose insomnia is part of who she is. She never sleeps. I think of it as part of her nature.

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