Othe Schools’ Videos

March 30, 2011

A professor, who is member of the environmental communication listserv, asked for recommendations for short videos, which she could use in her class.

Take a look at a few and see what you think.

You might even write about this if you do not have an idea for a post this week.

A U. of Minnesota prof   suggested:  ” ‘ What Is Nature Worth?’ a 3-minute animated video produced by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (full disclosure – my employer): http://z.umn.edu/nature. There are two other Big Question videos accessible through that site as well if you’re interested.”

Another prof :  The 48 Hour FIlm Project recently sponsored a short film context with environmental themes. Entries came in from across the globe.  The top winners can be found at http://www.48gogreen.com/videostop5

Listserv member with no identifiable affiliation:

“Here is a great short on mountaintop removal coal mining. I worked with Restoring Eden and a team of students to produce it. The purpose was to create an inspiring short film that moves 16-30 yr olds to action on MTR. RE hasn’t done a full release yet but you’re welcome to use it for your class 🙂 ”


I wanted to send the  links for our site, but it is missing some videos,  I think.

See you tomorrow.


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