New Busch Hopps

March 30, 2011

I hate to rush this blog but I have so much to do today.. I will try to edit this later.

So I’ve been in the lab working on the visually enhanced for Busch Hopps since I don’t have any film material to edit. I would film some of the clips that Alanna asked me to but I just don’t have the resources.. All I really need is a group of friends preferably 6-8 people who can get together at the same time wearing red t-shirts to drink beer, grill food, and litter..

I’m terrible at making friends.. so there goes all my resources.

I will be pleased to show a new version of the Busch Hopps story in class tomorrow (:


shit. its 4:30 am and I woke up with a sore throat.. Both my roommates have pink eye. (WTF? they must’ve farted on each others pillows..) not only do I have class in the morning until 2:30 but I also have to work 4:45-11pm.

If I wake up with my eyes glued shut I’m going to spray my face with lysol. ): If in an extreme case, I don’t make it there.. I want you to watch the new visual for busch hopps in the visually enhanced folder. titled ” NEW VISUAL something something” you’ll find it.

But I’m hoping thats not the case.. Vitamin C for the win!


One Response to “New Busch Hopps”

  1. Caron said

    I look forward to seeing these guys in action.

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