A word that is truly ghost to us.

March 30, 2011

What is it about this word-LOVE- that we just don’t seem to grasp? It’s over used by many and under used by many also. It’s an emotion and an action. It’s carnal and beautiful and abstract all at the same time. It’s a commitment and and a choice, yet it appears at our front door at times we least expect. Everybody writes about it, everybody sings about it, and every one talks about it; however, does anyone really know what LOVE is even remotely about?! It a crazy thing. One of favorite LOVE doctors is Adele. Her potions of love are intoxicating. Abstract yet point driven, her songs are really soulful. Then you have other artist singing about heartbreak, sex, excitement. All of the thoughts that I have conjured up about this word never drive at the heart of this word. It’s frustrating and beautiful at the same time. I think this word needs to be meditated upon by everyone. I honestly don’t understand LOVE. I think that no one completely understands love either. What a ghostly word and yet one that we all LOVE so much.


2 Responses to “A word that is truly ghost to us.”

  1. Caron said

    Love the videos.

  2. Jessica C. said

    Love makes people do crazy things. There’s also so many dimensions of love. Love for significant other, family, friends, self, other species..In my opinion, pondering the dimensions of love just builds expectations of what it should be, not what it really is. The best thing to do is realize the love that surrounds you, appreciate it, and send it back. (:

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