Ever been called a “Tree-hugger?”

March 24, 2011

For any environmental activist, or person pursuing a career in the environmental field like the EPIB or E. Sci peeps (and other environmentally focused majors), I am sure at some point someone has made the stupid remark that you are a “tree-hugger” or that the purpose through which you chose your career path was to “save the trees.” Seriously are some people that ignorant? I guess so because there is so much more to do with it than simply “saving trees” and to be honest (most) of us don’t spend our time seductively strattling each and every tree we come across. Who has time for that really with all our other activites and responsibilities that occupy our daily lives. Let’s take a moment to see where a stereotype like this may have come from.

Maybe this group of fine strong hearted forest lovers could have something to do with it? Yes, it may be a little over the top but these people are clearly passionate about something vital to our human existence. How many people can you say do that? Lets just see how long we make it without the trees. Never the less other people seem to miss the pure importance of having educated people dedicated to saving/conserving/preserving/sustaining/re-using, etc. our environment. I mean if we are going to continue to destroy it like we have been, someone has to be there to pick up the pieces or before long no-one will have to worry about anything. The o-zone will no longer protect us from the sun’s harmful rays which is ideal if we are trying to end up looking like these guys.  The resources that we use to power the world and all its unatural functions will become so depleted that there will no longer even be a way to get that Hummer SUV out of the driveway, nevermind into the frozen tundra! Sick of high gas prices? Then find another source of fuel to power your car. ( Guess what, There are environmentalist and other dedicated people that are working on that every day ;))

So next time someone decides to make fun of the environmentally passionate (although I LOVE these guys!), they should stop and think, Without us to “save the trees” or more accurately put…SAVE the WORLD, there will be little importance in college degrees or important job titles. The “Green Movement” can essentially be a the salvation for all of the other market sectors, because without saving the “EARTHFIRST,” we can’t live on to continue to destroy it.


One Response to “Ever been called a “Tree-hugger?””

  1. Caron said

    Beavis and Butthead who knew they walked in woods. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the differences in values will always be part of our earth.

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