No Sunshine on my House Today..

March 23, 2011

So I’ll start off by saying that my spring break wasn’t filled with awesome trips to less developed countries to exploit their bright rays of sunshine or their fabulous beaches, instead I helped rip down walls and ceilings, picked apart insulation and scratched myself to death.

I was planning on filming some clips for the tailgating video on that gorgeous friday, but Thursday (St. Patty’s Day) night when I got home from work.. there was a car on my front lawn along with a bunch of police officers, firefighters, and an ambulance.

A drunk driver got behind the wheel and drove into my house.

….. okay you can pick your jaw off the floor …..

I live on a busy main road which connects Woodbridge-Rahway-Carteret-to the turnpike. As a child, I could never sleep because of the trucks unloading shipments to the various deli’s and convenience stores across the street from my house. My worst fear was that someone would drive into my room and I would be crushed. A large sturdy tree comforted my thoughts as I thought it would act as a buffer between car and my house but a few years ago the tree was cut down because it was growing into the telephone wires.

SO. Thursday night I get out of work at 2 am to see my street blocked off and a car on my lawn. On the following 71 degree, gorgeous Friday, I cleaned the sheetrock and packed up my belongings.

I would film something right now but its definitely WET outside and I don’t want to put the camera in the rain. . . Caron please don’t bite our heads off ):

Also, one of my friends was murdered in her home on Monday. Her wake is tonight which I can’t even make it to because of the mountain of work I have in front of me.  She was 32 and is survived by her 4 children.


One Response to “No Sunshine on my House Today..”

  1. Caron said

    Jess I am so sorry. Your week has been blighted

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