The SENSE that cuts DEEPEST!!!!

March 10, 2011

The soul is indeed a place of true beauty that should offer a sense of serenity to they who access it. it should be a place of meditation, but how do we get there? We need an open door. An open door that is willing to let us in. Thinking about it for a while, I stumbled upon the answer!!! It became CRYSTAL CLEAR to me when I shut them, that the EYE is the willing and mysterious entity that will lead one to the soul!! Completely beautiful in its own way!! So many forms of expression, with so little movement!  The eye says more than any other part of body including the mouth!!! One knows what deep down what the eye say, even if the mouth is vehemently preaching something else. WHY? THE EYE DOES NOT LIE!! Here are some images of some beautiful eyes!

Notice the color of this eye! Truly B-E-A-utiful!

Here is variation of the eye! It doesn’t have to be just human!

Take some moments and Google “beautiful eye” and just just the thousand of results come up. I am drawn to the eye like a fly to a light.

Watch as we take the regular eye and transform it into an emotion.

Those eyes tell me that someone is hurting, as do these. 

Mad eyes.

Fierce eyes.

There are countless other expressions that are created with the eyes, and they are all beautiful!!

There are also people who are experts at creating expressions with their eyes. Take a look at Tyra Banks! There are 2 completely different expressions created by the model (one pic for “Tyra” and one pic for “Banks”). Both pictures and visual displays are beautiful! I am going to leave you with two people who I think nailed the expression of the eye, and one can see the vulnerability in both of these unique individuals. They are Adele and Christina Perri!! Just close the eyes you have an imagine a world without them. A world without eyes is a different world of beauty, so for now open up your eyes and take in and observe all that you possibly can with. Don’t take them for granted! Some don’t have them. See the Beauty of the EYE!!!


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