Plastic…. gone sooner?

March 10, 2011

In the spirit of PLASTIC water bottles, I thought I might interest you with a breakthrough that I thought was PRETTY cool.

A 16 year old boy from Canada, Daniel Burd, discovered how to employ a specific microbe that “eats” plastic. As we’ve been stressing in our podcasts, plastic (from water bottles and other things) is one of the biggest threats to the environment.



Americans use 1 billion shopping bags yearly (Clean Air Council) which adds up to  about 300,000 tons of waste in landfills. And that’s just BAGS! Do you know how LIGHT a plastic bag is?

Plastic usually takes 1000 years to decompose… but this Canadian boy genius put some plastic in a yeast solution that encourages microbial growth..  After six weeks, the plastic had decomposed by 43 percent.


HOORAY FOR YOU DANIEL BURD!! Hey….. anything’s possible 🙂


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