Making A Difference

March 9, 2011

While we’re learning effective communication skills and how to use mediums of transmission, the base message of the class is this: how to make a difference. No matter what subject we’re focused on for this class, all of our messages essentially boil down to making a difference in some way. Jess and I are trying to get people to be sustainable and recycle at tailgates, Ryan and Paul are trying to get people thinking about environmentally friendly modes of transportation and Kate, Dan and Bryan are bringing students’ attention to the water re-filling stations and lessening plastic water bottle use.

But how else can we make a difference? I’ve always tried to give back to the communities I live in, not only because it gives me a sense of pride but because I truly believe it’s the right thing to do. This past weekend, my organization Recreation Activities Crew (RAC) hosted the 20th annual Special Friends Day, where special-needs kids and young adults come to the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center for a fun-filled day of activities, movies, and arts & crafts.

Over 200 student volunteers (including RAC volunteers and event chairs) came out to help with event and make sure everyone had a great time. The event was so inspiring and the day went off the smoothest I’ve ever seen it.

It was a lot of work and an exhausting weekend, but it was completely worth it. The day got me thinking, not only about how lucky I’ve been in my own life, but about how we can all make a difference. We might whine and complain about deadlines and finding the right pictures and background music, but you never know – your podcast or video can change a University policy, inspire someone, spark and idea. Essentially, it could make a difference.


P.S. If you happen to be at the C/D Gym, check out the window I painted!


One Response to “Making A Difference”

  1. Caron said

    Love the sentiment. Love the window. Love what you do.

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