Just shopping around…for gas!

March 9, 2011

 The consumer  ideology of ‘shopping around’ for something like a new car, house, or even eligible single’s, has been a seemingly common practice for many Americans. Instead of buying something in the first place we see it, going to a few others places in search of the better deal comes to many of us naturally.  The result of rising gas prices throughout the country have made the consumer nation scared at just how high they will go, especially with the summer months just ahead. Therefore many drivers have now begun to ‘shop around’ for the lowest gas prices in their areas. Some gas stations located right across the street from each other will have price differences that are beyond comprehension. Therefore we see many drivers taking the extra u-turn or traffic light to get the best deal they can on gas.

People have had to cut down on their usual gas usage by limiting the extra driving they normally do when going tanning, eating at panera, and taking trips to Atlantic City. It terrifying! I commute over an hour to come down to Rutgers for classes, and with this rise in gas prices I have to admit, it sucks pretty bad!  The pockets take a hit, but what can you do?

Surely this is a job for the “Rutgers Bike Share” program! unfortunately, this gas price situation is a at such a greater scale than Cook/Douglass campus, so riding bikes won’t exactly make the biggest dent. Never the less, nn cities like Seattle, they have implemented a Seattle: Bike Share Programs that take the same idea Rutgers has, but implements them at a much larger scale. This demonstrates that Bike Share Programs are able to function on much larger scales than just a college campus. Who knows, Rutgers Bike Share program plan may one day spread throughout the city of New Brunswick, providing citizens that they can rent out and use. The bikes are ready for residents of Seattle  and in many other cities throughout the world, so Rutgers gear up, we are comin in HOT with some bikes!


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  1. Caron said

    cool graphic

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