A LOVE appealing to the SENSES!

March 3, 2011


This week I was enlightened by the various forms of beauty around me. I have not stopped to sniff the air, and pick out its plethora of various scents since freshman year. I have not stopped moving and grooving to take a 10 minute breather to STOP AND STARE at the world around since the first days of my college experience. I have not taken the opportunity to gaze in the soul of the being at hand, through their eyes, in a long time. In times of recent departure I have not taken the chance to say SO LONG.

My heart, the one I believe to possess, seems to be telling me this subject is going to be on my heart for awhile. I want to focus of just a single type of beauty today. The soul. Docile, calm, serene, yet with unpredictable, powerful, moving, raw, untapped, true, power. I believe that people have these non-physical entities called souls. Innocent in the beginning. Pure of any distress, fright, tarnishing, lies, or tribulations. So complex, but so fragile. So malleable, the soul has to be the most influenced entity in the world. I personally like to think of the soul as a glowing heart, pure and white, but filled with mystery right beneath the surface. Everyone has one, but they are all unique in their own ways. The souls is beauty because of its dynamic aura. it cannot be touched, but yet it can be completely influenced. So inspiring. It has the power to do good or bad. What I see as beauty in the soul is its ability to renew itself. I hope that this post on beauty and the subsequent posts on beauty to come have opened your eyes, as they have to mine, and will continue to open your eyes through subsequent posts. See the beauty of one’s soul!!!


One Response to “A LOVE appealing to the SENSES!”

  1. Caron said

    great links

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