Environmental activism

March 2, 2011

Because I am a professor, I am on lots of  listservs to keep up with recent research and teaching ideas.  I skip lots of emails because my in-box is just too overwhelming.  But sometimes I find something that merits a crowded in box.

A series of seven videos portrays the actions of Tim DeChristopher   to prevent oil and gas drilling in wilderness in….  He risked years of jail for this land  As the “Peaceful Uprising” web site states: “Tim is facing ten years in prison on two felony charges for derailing an illegal sale of public land from the outgoing Bush administration to private oil and gas developers.”  The site includes an open letter from the leaders of the climate change movement who laud his civil disobedience and ask for support.

The videos are well done.  I like the stills embedded in the videos.  It helps that he is a great interviewee talking about an important subject.  The film makers let him talk for himself without including a lot of exposition or voice over.    They also have posted this in short segments, which is smart.  If I saw that a video was 15 minutes I might not watch.  Two?  That works.


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