As usual, my brain turns to mashed potatoes right around the 24 hr mark of being awake. Since I couldn’t focus on anything academic related, I decided to browse the news and catch up on the latest … NEWS, duh. Which always tends to blow my mind and therefore blog about it!

A while ago, I took this NJ Politics class and one of the debates was on Nuclear Energy. Naturally, those that were pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear were roughly split down the center. After doing some research, I decided to take my position with the anti-nuclear group. The arguments basically summed up to something like this:


  • Its extremely clean.. France does it.
  • Being Anti-nuclear is ignorant. Human ingenuity has engineered and perfected nuclear power plants so that reactors wont break/meltdown.
  • Its cost-efficient. The lifespan of a power plant is yada yada yada, and it can power entire portions of the country.
  • Stop being such a wimp and trust human ingenuity because we rule! America F*ck YEAH!


  • Who cares about what France does..
  • Human ingenuity surely has enhanced or even perfected the infrastructure of power plants, but humans are susceptible to mistakes; given that there WILL be proper incentives for workers to not slack off.
  • Power plants may have long life spans, and harnessing its energy may be cheap considering its widespread geographic range- but our planet remains a finite space. Eventually, the planet will run out of room for safely disposing of spent nuclear reactors.. then what? shoot them into space?
  • Human ingenuity can only go so far. Nature will ultimately take you by the shoulders and shake you silly. . . as did the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.
  • NIMBY. or as a Jerseyian would say NIMFBY (you can imagine what the F stands for).

It bugs the hell out of me that humans believe they own the universe, as if there are some clearly defined property rights concerning what species owns the planet. In a way, we do. Let me clarify: Everything that is what it is today, was socially constructed out of self-interest of the individual, or aggregates thereof. Human beings have constructed the endless range of physical and metaphysical aspects in ways that benefit our interests. Things such as money, agriculture, cars, computers, supermarkets, and drive thru ATMS, to concepts of love, existence, time, morality, and truth. Everything produced is to benefit human beings.

But what about nature?

Its clear that human ingenuity has in part improved because history repeats itself. Therefore, it sounds reassuring that “humans have perfected the infrastructure of nuclear power plants because xyz was wrong in the last infrastructure, but now its fixed… hakuna matata!

But humans inherently fail by being anthropocentric. They forget about the miles and miles of earth and water rooted beneath their very own feet & that nature is a complex network of reactions. They forget that like earths finite resources, human ingenuity is also limited to the laws of nature.


Every choice we make
every road we take
Every interaction
Starts a chain reaction
We’re both affected when we least expect it
And when we touched

It all connected

Touch by Natasha Bedingfield.


I’m not trying to bash Japan or anything… my heart goes out to all those affected. All I’m trying to say is that the tragic events that rocked Japan (incurring a cost of over $300 Bill. + thousands of deaths and left millions homeless…) have reinforced my position on being anti-nuclear.

Call me ignorant all you want, but I’ll never change my mind. . .


So Japan would have been fine with its nuclear power plants if it weren’t rocked by a level 9 earthquake + tsunami aftermath. But nature is nature and there is no stopping it. As devastating and disastrous they might be…….. they are natural processes.

Human ingenuity is great for many things like satellites, cars, 3D phones, and TV’s. But it doesn’t measure up to risk turning a country inside out over just one bad earthquake or tsunami.

Even if humans could engineer infrastructure that eats earthquakes and drinks tsunamis for dinner… how could you test drive one of those?? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Its a disaster to see a country suffer with the intensity and magnitude that nature thrusts at us from time to time, leaving us powerless.

Its a tragedy to see that human ingenuity perpetuated it, leaving us with our jaws on the floor.


For the record. . .

March 31, 2011

I just wanted to say for the record that Alanna and I aren’t crazy… (Maybe Alanna is a little crazy for balancing 4 different intramural sports, a job, and schoolwork..) but we’re only like 30% perfectionists..  it was more of the fact that we had a vision of the story and it had to be done that way to bring it to life. So we’re not over achievers, perfectionists, or trying to one-up anybody. We just had to work with a can… and finger puppets are for creeps..

I’m glad everyone liked it tho (: . SOOOO HAPPY.

If I had a tail, it’d be wagging. But instead I’ll just childishly kick my feet and giggle.

Really? I thought after spring break things would start getting better. . . I mean, I didn’t think things could get any lower than they were..

Anyway, I’m not one to put personal issues on a blog (unless its an act of desperation) but yes it is 7 something am and as I lay in bed trying to find a wink of sleep all I have in my mind is this family guy clip.

Somethings got to give. Since I value my education more than my job, I’m going to make a tradeoff between my classes and food running till close at the cheesecake factory, with lack of sleep and malnourishment as a constant. This completely ruins my day, I can’t study anything because my brain turns to mashed potatoes…

Well heres a nice photo to think about..

wouldn’t that be cool for a new room… try drunk driving into THAT!~HOMEBOY!

jk drinking and driving isn’t a laughing matter. Its actually very serious but my delirious side is still holding a grudge.


What is it about this word-LOVE- that we just don’t seem to grasp? It’s over used by many and under used by many also. It’s an emotion and an action. It’s carnal and beautiful and abstract all at the same time. It’s a commitment and and a choice, yet it appears at our front door at times we least expect. Everybody writes about it, everybody sings about it, and every one talks about it; however, does anyone really know what LOVE is even remotely about?! It a crazy thing. One of favorite LOVE doctors is Adele. Her potions of love are intoxicating. Abstract yet point driven, her songs are really soulful. Then you have other artist singing about heartbreak, sex, excitement. All of the thoughts that I have conjured up about this word never drive at the heart of this word. It’s frustrating and beautiful at the same time. I think this word needs to be meditated upon by everyone. I honestly don’t understand LOVE. I think that no one completely understands love either. What a ghostly word and yet one that we all LOVE so much.

Othe Schools’ Videos

March 30, 2011

A professor, who is member of the environmental communication listserv, asked for recommendations for short videos, which she could use in her class.

Take a look at a few and see what you think.

You might even write about this if you do not have an idea for a post this week.

A U. of Minnesota prof   suggested:  ” ‘ What Is Nature Worth?’ a 3-minute animated video produced by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (full disclosure – my employer): There are two other Big Question videos accessible through that site as well if you’re interested.”

Another prof :  The 48 Hour FIlm Project recently sponsored a short film context with environmental themes. Entries came in from across the globe.  The top winners can be found at

Listserv member with no identifiable affiliation:

“Here is a great short on mountaintop removal coal mining. I worked with Restoring Eden and a team of students to produce it. The purpose was to create an inspiring short film that moves 16-30 yr olds to action on MTR. RE hasn’t done a full release yet but you’re welcome to use it for your class 🙂 ”

I wanted to send the  links for our site, but it is missing some videos,  I think.

See you tomorrow.

New Busch Hopps

March 30, 2011

I hate to rush this blog but I have so much to do today.. I will try to edit this later.

So I’ve been in the lab working on the visually enhanced for Busch Hopps since I don’t have any film material to edit. I would film some of the clips that Alanna asked me to but I just don’t have the resources.. All I really need is a group of friends preferably 6-8 people who can get together at the same time wearing red t-shirts to drink beer, grill food, and litter..

I’m terrible at making friends.. so there goes all my resources.

I will be pleased to show a new version of the Busch Hopps story in class tomorrow (:


shit. its 4:30 am and I woke up with a sore throat.. Both my roommates have pink eye. (WTF? they must’ve farted on each others pillows..) not only do I have class in the morning until 2:30 but I also have to work 4:45-11pm.

If I wake up with my eyes glued shut I’m going to spray my face with lysol. ): If in an extreme case, I don’t make it there.. I want you to watch the new visual for busch hopps in the visually enhanced folder. titled ” NEW VISUAL something something” you’ll find it.

But I’m hoping thats not the case.. Vitamin C for the win!

Time has been whizzing by and I’m not a fan. Yes, I have plans for after graduation and yes, I know life is a never-ending cycle of progression but I don’t want to leave this insular world of friends, jobs, fun (and even school work!) just yet.

March has been a busy month for me, I wrote about Special Friend’s Day three weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been focused on another RAC event – The Price Is Right. I’m a chair for this event which means I’m in charge of getting everything together, co-ordinating volunteers, making props and running the event.

Photo courtesy of:

And today is finally the day. Tonight at 9 pm at the Cook/Douglass Rec Center we will be having a lot of fun and giving out free prizes. So if you have some time, want to blow off some steam, possibly win some free stuff (or even just come and say hi!) the doors open at 8:30 and we would love to see you. Here’s the Facebook event page for more details:

I hope everyone’s week has been going well and for us seniors, there’s only a few short ones left. We all have school work and jobs and obligations, but let’s try and enjoy them!

As a Midwesterner, I was raised to be humble and not talk about yourself much. I also tend to hate blogs and social media aspects that rant about nonsense going on in their lives. You know the people, the ones who update that they’re at Starbucks with their BFF Jill and haven’t met a mirror they haven’t posed in front of to take a profile pic. These people are ruining our society, making every little thing that someone says or does a big deal, to the point where people get fired from a TV show for saying the word “faggot” backstage or become public enemy #1 for saying “nigger” to someone who interrupts your comedy set. It’s a word. Nothing more, nothing less, meaning only what you intend it to mean. If you’re attacking someone for saying a word in public that you have no qualms about saying in private, then you, my Facebook friend, are a hypocrite.

Luckily for you, I’m a hypocrite as well. I regularly say terms such as those around friends with no problem, we know we aren’t racist or homophobic, and at this point in my life, after being exposed to these words in every shape and form for the past decade, those words no longer have any meaning to me. They’ve lost all meaning once the Internet gets a hold of them anyways, so here’s to being okay with saying words again!

But that’s not all the celebrations for today. I’m a happy hypocrite right now. One of my favorite shows just got renewed for two additional seasons, as well as a 60-90 minute special. All the details are here, and I can say this blog is one that I base my own off of. Additionally, Redvs.Blue, which I’ve talked about here before, just released the trailer for Season 9 to come out in June, and as a fan I can say it’s a glorious way to advance the series. Difficult to understand, as loyal fans were taken for a ride for the majority of the trailer, only to have the rug pulled from under us at the 3:10-3:20 point. Add on to that the fact that I’m done with a majority of work for the rest of the semester. Not to mention I’m still ‘gleeful’ about this headline. And this one I just found when searching the band and remembered the Red Hot Chili Peppers AND OutKast have tentative release dates for albums this year. The only way I can get any happier at this point is if Glee gets canceled. Forever. And all time. AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!

As you can tell by now, loyal reader, this blog is different from previous outings. That is due to the other reason I’m feeling like The Miz right now(don’t worry, you’ll get it by the end). It’s Wrestlemania this Sunday! While the card is somewhat underwhelming(for 1 VERY good reason), I’m dedicating the rest of this post to my predictions for Sunday.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole: Who would have thought that a match between two announcers would generate the most heat coming into Sunday. Cole’s character for the past half-year has been a pain a points, with his love of Miz and hatred of Bryan Danielson, the Divas and fans. This is a match that could only go one way, with Lawler winning. He’s been getting dogged around by Cole for the last three months, and this is his first match at the event in his career, so fans will be itching for him to get his hands on Cole. Having Stone Cold as a ref only adds to the fact that Cole is getting destroyed, and will probably end up as a manager and off the announce team. A fitting way for him to go, and if Lawler is thinking about quitting in the near future, this is a nice cap-off to his career. If only Good Ole’ JR comes out and does the announcing for this one. WINNER: LAWLER BY PIN

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus for the US Championship: One of the matches I’m looking forward to. Both are really good at their respective aspects, Bryan with his technical skills and Sheamus with some power, and both are young enough to be power players in the future. Sheamus has no problems losing, such as last year to his mentor Triple H, so I expect Bryan to take the title back in one of the highlights of the night. As long as they are given enough time to have a decent match, which I’m afraid the booking won’t allow, they can tell a good story in the ring that ends with Bryan overcoming the odds to make the Celtic Warrior tap out. And he gets the girl in the end, too. WINNER: DANIEL BRYAN(BRYAN DANIELSON) VIA TAPOUT, NEW US CHAMPION

The Corre vs. Kane, Big Show, Santino and Vladamir: This eight man tag was just added yesterday, and is a real clustercuss. Santino is a comedy man, who is funny, but his skills as a wrestler have been really overlooked. Vladamir is lucky he’s a tag team with him, since he has no charisma to carry a match on his own. Big Show is comfortable at this point in his career putting people over at events such as these, and while Kane is as well, he was also heavyweight champ a few months ago. For him to be here shows how far he’s fallen. I guess by know you’ve figured I’m picking the Corre, four younger stars who really need some credibility. Corre leader Wade Barrett was in the title hunt a few months ago, so for him to be here seems a waste. But, with the other major young group out with injury, this is the best they could salvage for the Corre to get over, and that’s not saying much. WINNER: THE CORRE, JUSTIN GABRIEL PINS SANTINO

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes: Not very high profile, since Cody’s been virtually invisible all year. Mysterio is still here to make his rounds and appease his many young fans before(hopefully) getting the knee surgery he’s been prolonging for over a year! While a trooper, it has limited his offense, but with him bringing in as much money as he is he can’t sit out for Wrestlemania season again like four years ago. Cody needs a good showing here to regain some stock in the company, which he is more than capable of, but he needs to dominate for a good portion of the match. If this is a short match, which most of Rey’s are at this event(his last three average out to 4:42), Cody will be getting the short end of the stick, but a beat down from him afterward will see him stand tall and give Rey an out to get the surgery. WINNER: REY MYSTERIO VIA PIN

Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki: It pains me to type that last name. But she will be there, and in a match. Between her(insert your own derogatory statement here) and Trish, who hasn’t competed in five years, Morrison will have to carry the load for his team. Thank God he can, which is why it’s a shame he gets shoved into this last minute. Same with Ziggler, who was #1 contender in January. These two are more than capable of giving a stellar match between Zig’s brash methods and Morrison parkour style, but then no females would be competing. Layla and McCool and the two best females on the roster, so anyone else they face would get stuffed in two minutes, which is the average length of a women’s match. So, with no good women to face them, bring in a former Women’s champ and a publicity stunt. The fact that she is given a spot is not only insulting to the other women in the lockeroom, but it also shows how bad they are if their spot is given to her. If it weren’t for Vickie Guerrero in Ziggler’s corner, who’s a great character and gives the match the crowd reaction it needs, this match would fall dead when Ziggler and Morrison tag out. But, given who’s in it, and who’s the good guys going in…it just shouldn’t have to come to this. It’s much better if Morrison and Ziggler fought for bragging rights of best rising star. Instead, as most fans are saying, it’s a glorified bathroom break, which is where you’ll find Snooki passed out. WINNER: MORRISON, STRATUS AND SNOOKI, SNOOKI PINS LAYLA

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Yes, this is going to be one hell of a match. Punk has proven in the past two years to be one hell of a bad guy, and his character right now can’t get much better. I’m still weirded out the Randy Orton, who has anger issues and punts people in the head, is getting cheers not only going into this match, but since September. It would be better if Orton didn’t have to sell a bum knee to prevent him from kicking Punk’s head off at any time. Having an injury of this type, and inserting into the feud when it had enough steam and interest beforehand, was a bad idea on the side of writing. Maybe they didn’t think the feud could hold water over the final weeks of build-up. I would rather see Punk win, since I’ve been a fan of his since he came to the WWE, but Orton is getting the win. They set it up so he has to overcome injury, and he’s getting cheers despite being the same character who last year got booed out of every building. Nothing changed, but now they cheer him. Maybe the crowd has gotten tired of Cena, I know I have, but Orton doesn’t seem like the good guy to build around. He’s a natural bad guy. But Punk is better at it, so in the interest of getting the crowd pumped up before the main events, Orton gets the win with an RKO, right after punting the StraightEdge out of Punk, who has no problems losing, as long as he puts on a good match in the process. Knowing these two, that’s a guarantee. WINNER: ORTON VIA PINFALL

Undertaker vs. Triple H, Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak on the Line: Undertaker wins. Here’s why: Triple H doesn’t need it. He says he wants to be the one to tell Undertaker it’s time to go. Taker is 18-0 at the event, and his last two against Shawn Michaels saved the events from being washouts, especially at WM25. He was okay with losing six years ago to Orton, but Orton declined out of respect, so the focus came on the streak rather than who he was feuding with. This is also No Holds Barred, but there’s a good reason for that. Taker is coming off injury in October, H coming off injury and vacation since last April! Ring Rust! They also need breathing room since the last two Taker matches were marvelous within the boundaries, but there was no injury time leading up to it. There is a lot of interest in whether Hunter will go to a less active role following the event(I think so), so this could be a way for him to ride off into that role without many regrets. He tried to end it and failed. Taker wanted to retire at WM24, but Ric Flair retired that night, so he opted to continue and give Flair his moment. If this match goes last on the card, he might pull into retirement, but the allure of a possible 20-0 will call him back. Besides, losing to Hunter is no way to go out, since Hunter tried ten years ago and failed, and there’s still unfinished business with his brother Kane and Wade Barrett. Unless he decides to call it quits, Triple H will get one more headstone in the Undertaker’s yard. Whether Shawn Michaels gets involved is on the table right now, but I’ll say no. He said he’s not competing anymore, and he meant it. WINNER: UNDERTAKE VIA TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER FOR THE WIN. 19-0 AT WRESTLEMANIA.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World HeavyWeight Championship: Edge has his brother in his corner, so a double-cross seems likely. Del Rio only debuted last August, so for him to win the Royal Rumble and make it to a title match at Wrestlemania shows how much the company likes him. And he’s a bad guy no less! That doesn’t happen often that they get to come in as the challenger. He does have a great character, on rival with CM Punk, and knows how to deliver on the mic and with expressions in the ring. He is still green, though. If he does get the belt put on him, it might be a quick turnover. Edge has main evented the past three years, all losses, and now that he’s a good guy he doesn’t get the point across as well. He seems to be holding something back, but that may be due to the injury he had in 2009. He needs a shot in the arm, and losing the title, especially via betrayal from his brother, may be the necessary spark to make him “The Rated-R Superstar” again. There’s not a lot of intrigue going into this one, so the crowd might be dead, meaning both of them are going to have to put on a show. If Taker-HHH is subpar, it won’t be hard to get the crowd up and into it. Edge can deliver on a good night, and if he can get Del Rio into it, Del Rio can make the crowd really mad when he gets Edge to tap out. After all, one World Title always changes at Wrestlemania, so this will be it. WINNER: DEL RIO VIA TAP OUT, NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Title: This one’s tricky. This should go last on the card, being for the main prize and for involvement The Rock will have. Since his return, Rock has verbally inserted himself into this match by completely destroying both of them, so the crowd will be on the edge of their seat to see what he does and when. It will be the end of the match, since he is also the Host of Wrestlemania, so the crowd will not be into the match at all. Nor should they be. While I enjoy The Miz’s character, the way he is being presented as of recent are not main event at the big event status. He needs a win to cement himself as a viable champion, since he won it off Orton in November through a free match after Orton went through hell . He is a cunning, sneaky little bastard. The former Mike Mizanin, Real World star, has become WWE champion, and he is the future of this company. He has carried the belt with more gusto than it had been carried in the past year, but it’s not enough to get him over. Then there’s Cena, the worst thing to happen to wrestling. He’s kid friendly, doesn’t sell damage, constantly wins out in the end with his “5 Moves of Doom,” last of which is a STF where its obvious he’s not applying any pressure. He makes it obviously fake and ruins another-wise good match. There’s a reason he hasn’t been the final match at Mania since WM22, cause as one fan put it, “How the hell do you get booed as a face[good guy]?” He got such a terrible reaction coming in and after his victory in that main event, they stopped putting his match last at Wrestlemania because they don’t want that reaction to end the night. All the kids scream “Let’s Go Cena” and all the men scream “Cena Sucks!” Not to mention that in December, they had his match his Wade Barrett go last on their monthly event, AFTER the WWE Title match, because it was him ending a grudge. For a guy who’s all about the company, and the title, he didn’t act like it then. At Wrestlemania, when all the hardcore fans come out, he gets more negative reaction than anytime, and having the Rock involved in his affairs only gets the crowd more vocal with their hatred of him and what he represents/has done to the company.

That being said, the match will be subpar. Cena can’t pull his own weight, and all his matches are formulaic, and the crowd will be on him all night, so his performance will suffer no matter what he does. Miz, while good enough at this stage of his career, has been an afterthought in the past month with a possible Rock-Cena conflict. He’s the champ, but he’s under the radar, exactly where he wants to be. That’s how he won the title, coming out of nowhere and blind-siding. He can carry his own weight, but he can’t carry a match by himself, and with Cena on the other side he’s gonna have to. These matches are usually 20-25 minutes, so around 2 minutes before the end the Rock will come out. The crowd will cheer and expect a Cena beat-down. But he won’t, he’ll attack Miz instead. Cena stood up to him, so Rock respects that. Cena gets the tap out for the win and becomes new WWE champ(again, uggh) before Rock flattens him with a Rock Bottom to appease his fans. Then, the Anonymous General Manager comes out to address to situation…and it’s none other than Triple H! Appears he was the GM during his injury time, so now that he didn’t end the Streak, he’s revealed himself. He states that due to Rock’s interference(since the two have a history as bitter rivals, and he’s not a fan of Cena), the match will restart. Rock goes to address HHH, while Miz slinks in for the cover and win. Miz walks out champion as a cunning heel. Rock and HHH fight in the ring for a nice nostalgia trip, with Rock coming out on top. Then he attacks Miz, and Cena attacks him to end the night standing tall but angry. This should finally, after months of whispering backstage, turn him heel. He’s been doing this “SuperCena” character since October of 2003, when Hey Ya! came out. It’s time for a change, and this should finally be the turning point for a new chapter for this guy. He’ll stand tall at the end of the night, but he won’t have the belt.


For any environmental activist, or person pursuing a career in the environmental field like the EPIB or E. Sci peeps (and other environmentally focused majors), I am sure at some point someone has made the stupid remark that you are a “tree-hugger” or that the purpose through which you chose your career path was to “save the trees.” Seriously are some people that ignorant? I guess so because there is so much more to do with it than simply “saving trees” and to be honest (most) of us don’t spend our time seductively strattling each and every tree we come across. Who has time for that really with all our other activites and responsibilities that occupy our daily lives. Let’s take a moment to see where a stereotype like this may have come from.

Maybe this group of fine strong hearted forest lovers could have something to do with it? Yes, it may be a little over the top but these people are clearly passionate about something vital to our human existence. How many people can you say do that? Lets just see how long we make it without the trees. Never the less other people seem to miss the pure importance of having educated people dedicated to saving/conserving/preserving/sustaining/re-using, etc. our environment. I mean if we are going to continue to destroy it like we have been, someone has to be there to pick up the pieces or before long no-one will have to worry about anything. The o-zone will no longer protect us from the sun’s harmful rays which is ideal if we are trying to end up looking like these guys.  The resources that we use to power the world and all its unatural functions will become so depleted that there will no longer even be a way to get that Hummer SUV out of the driveway, nevermind into the frozen tundra! Sick of high gas prices? Then find another source of fuel to power your car. ( Guess what, There are environmentalist and other dedicated people that are working on that every day ;))

So next time someone decides to make fun of the environmentally passionate (although I LOVE these guys!), they should stop and think, Without us to “save the trees” or more accurately put…SAVE the WORLD, there will be little importance in college degrees or important job titles. The “Green Movement” can essentially be a the salvation for all of the other market sectors, because without saving the “EARTHFIRST,” we can’t live on to continue to destroy it.

This is the one sense that I could not bear to lose. If you stop and just listen to the world you can hear music in every direction. THIS is the soundtrack to life. It’s pure raw and unadulterated beauty. Everybody has their own soundtrack to life. Everyone hears life in a different way. When people share about life they share a part of their soundtrack to life. While writing this post I listened to the pouring rain, hail and snow on the ground, and found peace and serenity in it. It’s amazing what amazing music nature has to offer. In my opinion it is even better that man made compositions.

While on spring break I came across some of the most beautiful music I have heard in a while. The things that make music so beautiful are: the people that compose it, the inspiration behind the music, the limitlessness that can be created, the evolution behind it. Have you ever seen the evolution of dance? I wish there was an evolution of music, where one could be swept away by the beautiful beginnings and trances and nuances and rewrites and returns that music offers. I found some really cool music created by masters of the art! Here is ONE! Here is TWO! Here is THREE! Here is FOUR! Here is FIVE!

This is what my ears have been opened up to in the world. I hope your soundtracks will one day meet up with mine. I hope you hear the beauty that music has to offer as I do. I hope you hear it better than I do. Listen to the BEAUTY!!!