Fat (No pH)

February 24, 2011

Our society has become obsessed with trimming all the fat from our lives. No fast food, no meat, no refined sugar, no empty calories. Putting oneself on a cookie limit, feeling that if they indulge a little bit it’s going to destroy their metabolism and make them pudgy. One cookie never made anyone fat. Ok, there’s that one Chinese proverb about moving a mountain a pebble at a time, and I guess by that logic one cookie would make you fat, but this isn’t a philosophy class. It’s not just in diet, either. People are looking to cut down on all the excesses. Living without cable, without a dryer, without a TV, without electricity whatsoever until they’ve trimmed away so much that they have nothing but the bare minimum to live(if you call that living). Ok, I guess if everyone lived this way, the world would be a little better because there wouldn’t be such a high standard of living in this country and we could share some of our supplies with the rest of the world, but once again, not a philosophy class.

In the same sense, people are also trying to bulk up. Body image is a huge concern in this country. It’s what leads people to think they are fat when they really aren’t, and they think that packing on muscle until they have peaks is the best way to feel good about themselves. But then, there are the people who put on too much muscle. The gym rats, the freaks, the ones who lift things up and put them down for a living. Too much muscle is a bad thing. Packing on pounds until they are too heavy this way, too. It’s having too much of a good thing, like cookies, which can make you fat in a different way.

A little fat is good, a little muscle is good. It’s all about finding a good balance. A little too much base will burn you, a little too much acid will burn you. Think about it like a song. Having a slow and calming/funky groove is good, but you don’t like it when it’s gone on too long and worn out it’s welcome, the base. Having a strong attack to really make a statement is good, but you don’t like it when it burns out too soon or stings your ear, the acid. It’s why an acceptable length for a radio song is 3 minutes: short enough to keep you interested and long enough to not bombard you with information.

It’s a harmonic balance, a nice and mild 7. It’s water. Bland. Tastless. Clear. It contains everything you need and nothing more. Neither slow and encompassing nor fast and rough. It doesn’t really have that much of an effect on you.

I hope you eat that cookie. I hope it’s the one that makes you fat. I hope you don’t immediately go to the gym and try to burn off it’s calories. Add some flavor to your water, some acid or some base. There’s a reason they call it water-ing down. Class dismissed.


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