FANCY Effects…

February 22, 2011

This video I came across, “Snowflakes are Dancing (audio slide show)” gives an extremely elaborate example of the numerous “Fancy” digital video effects that we were shown in class last Thursday. I think if we were to go this over board on our audio slide shows, it would certainty take away from the messages we are trying to get out there, and really distract the audience viewing the piece. So although it may look cool or “trippy?” I believe the use of many effects such as this should be limited to a more reasonable amount. Although, the purpose of this video was much different from our class’s goals.

Something else I came across when inputting “audio slide show” on google. How to make an audio slide show! haha! I think we pretty much got these basics covered, and are way ahead of the came to say the least! Just goes to show the beauties of such a class as this.


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