an uplifting post for when you are beyond sick of podcasting assignments, aka the power of social networking

February 21, 2011

So this class is teaching us to use a specific method to portray environmental issues. It can be considered a type of social networking as well since we’re blogging and putting our products on Youtube. But what is our ultimate goal? It’s not to get A’s or to make Caron happy or to pass the class or to graduate (although those are all really good things that should also come out of this course), but what we want to come of all of this tedious editing and fine-tuning is CHANGE. Yep, we’re doing all of this hard work because we want people to start recycling, stop driving to campus, and ditch the plastic water bottles to start using reusables and filling stations. We want to spur behavioral change, hell… why not even start a revolution?


Social networking might seem run of the mill over here in the US of A, but over in places like say, Egypt, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are just starting to make a big difference in peoples’ lives. The revolution that just occurred in the country was credited in large part to Facebook groups started by Egyptian youth which organized the protests that began on January 25th. In just a few weeks time, Murabak’s 30 year presidency had ended all because of social organization conducting through social networking. People were SO grateful for the powers of social networking, that this one guy even named his newborn daughter FACEBOOK. Facebook Ibrahim… has a nice ring to it, eh? I wonder what her middle name is…


Well, yes this is slightly weird; but it is also pretty darn cool that one website changed the fate of an entire country. This brings me to the point that we are doing a good thing here. We are using social networking to bring about change,. just like the youth in Egypt did – and check out how well that worked out for them! So, when you are frustrated with these assignments, as I am now and I’m sure we all have been or will be at some point this semester… just think of all the good that will come out of this social networking for change that we’ve been working so hard on. Maybe we’ll make such a difference that a dude in Egypt will even name his next baby Podcasting Spring 11 Ibrahim…. one can only hope.


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