Zombie Plan #12 and 35

February 19, 2011

It’s the youth who will inherit the Earth. The next generation will have to deal with the problems we create now. Work hard now or suffer later. We are one big Earth family, and we have to join together to make it better for everyone.

These are the same slogans that environmentalists have been pushing for the last however many years. Since the 60’s hippie revolution, since the late 70’s gas crunch, since the 80’s gas crunch, since global warming became a household term? Yeah, they’ve all done a wonderful job. These slogans are as useful as those people you see on the street that say the world is gonna end, or that Jesus is gonna come back. They’ve been harking us since the late 60’s too, and last time I checked, the world isn’t over and Jesus ain’t walkin’ among us. But, then again, Chinese Democracy finally came out, and Duke Nukem Forever and Detox have definite street dates, so maybe there is something to this whole Save the Planet thing. But do most of us care? No.

Mom and Pop They will fuck you up.” -Sax and Violins, Talking Heads
We’ve inherited something other than cancer risks from our parents. We’ve also inherited a case of the fuck-its. It’s quite a common condition in our society. “I was supposed to get done part of my research paper today. Fuck-it, do it tomorrow.” “I can’t eat a pulled pork sandwich, I’m on a diet. Fuck-it, one meal ain’t gonna hurt.” “Oops, I should’ve thrown that bottle in the recycling. Fuck-it, one plastic bottle ain’t gonna kill the Earth.” The problem comes in when this condition doesn’t get taken care of in the early stages. As it progresses, that one day turns to another and another, that one sandwich turns to ice cream and cake for dinner, and that one bottle turns to paper and cans and phones and computers. This isn’t an isolated disease, either. It can spread visually. Seeing someone else with a case of this ailment can lead other people to doing the same. Hey, if it didn’t kill that guy, fuck-it, nothings gonna happen to me.

So, as a collective whole, the youth of today are one screwed up little bunch. And we expect these people to run the free world one day? As demonstrated in class, using fun imagery isn’t working to change their behavior. I mean, in the time D.A.R.E. has been around there has been an increase in teen smoking. In psychology, the best way to get people to change behavior is to use a scare tactic to increase their fear, followed by presenting them with a way to eliminate that fear. The common example is showing smokers what lung cancer looks like, followed by stop-smoking intervention help. The fear is aroused and then the participants are given a way to dissipate that fear.

In the past year, Jamie Oliver did a pretty famous experiment on both sides of the pond to try and get kids off of their terrible eating habits to help them avoid obesity and other health problems later on. In England, he brought kids in to a plant where they make chicken products. The chefs took out all the parts you would normally find on dinner plates, the breasts, wings and thighs, and put all the remaining ‘garbage parts’ that the kids didn’t normally associate with food in a device that mushed them together. Through a few more steps, the chef presented the kids with a dish they were all familiar with: chicked nuggets. All that ‘garbage’ that they saw was just mixed and fried right in front of them to become a meal they each had probably eaten in the past week. Those kids swore that they would never touch chicked nuggets again after what they saw. He did the same experiment with American kids. Their reaction: Can I have some?

Seems to me, these kids have inherited a case of the fuck-its. And why not. These kids have been influenced by their parents. How many parents do you see these days that will usually just throw chicken nuggets or cheeseburgers in their kids’ mouthes because their easy to make and it will make the kid shut up? How many do you see buying their 6 year-old kid a Ipod so he’ll stay quiet on long car rides(and so they don’t have to listen to Kidz Bop themselves, which I can at least agree with)? How many plop the kid down with ICarly or Suite Life on so the kid will be quiet for a half hour? It’s not like they don’t try to get their kids active and teach them healthy eating practices or how to recycle. It’s that a lot of them aren’t exactly ready to be parents. They can barely take care of themselves and here they are responsible for another human life. They try to raise it right, but after the kid has been screaming and wants this and that and this and that again and now not that…fuck-it. Have a chicken nugget and shut the hell up.

The kids are still the target of environmental activism, since it will be on their hands whether any of this green living continues, but the interventions need some aim towards the parents. They teach the kids, so we should teach them as well. After all, a kid can come home from school with a head swimming with environmental thoughts, but a parent can easily pull the plug and drain all the stuff they were just taught right out of their heads. Having a parent with an Earth first attitude can make all the difference for the child. In enviro-communication last semester, we were shown a video for environmentally friendly action of a train heading for a man standing on the tracks, only for him to step aside, showing his daughter now in the path. That’s a good example of a scare tactic, since no matter how far the condition progresses, these parent’s still care about their kids and will do anything to protect them. But that clip is not the one that inspired me to abandon my original idea for this blog and write about this condition.

Geoff Ramsey is many things. A former soldier in the Army, a voice actor(Grif in RedvsBlue), a hardcore gamer and a family man. Above all else, he cares deeply about his daughter Millie. Since Geoff works for a gaming site, he deals with game related media, including the Dead Island trailer. Geoff’s reaction to the trailer is predictable. Everyone at the office didn’t want him to watch it, cause they know he can’t take situations presented in the trailer. He gets so freaked out by it, he can’t finish it, and may almost skip the game entirely because of what the trailer did to him. As a gamer, something would have to resonate on a certain level to get him to not play a game. This is the way that green media should hit parents; get their fear aroused for the safety of their children to the extent that the fuck-its doesn’t rear it’s ugly head. Geoff has swore he will NEVER finish the trailer(trust me, he won’t), and if we can get parents to swear that they will never use plastic water bottles, or never feed their kids processed foods, or never do other eco-damaging activities, then our messages about children being the future will actually mean something.

Because it will be the parent’s saying it instead of us.

For those of you that want to, Dead Island trailer. In Geoff’s reaction vid, his friend Jack is right, IT GETS MUCH WORSE! For Geoff’s sake, he turned it off at the right time. I watched the whole thing, and I’ll admit that I cried by the end of it. I showed my roommate Geoff’s reaction vid, and he got so freaked out by the reaction he didn’t want to see the trailer either. If that bums you out, and it will, here’s a lighter clip that features Geoff.


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