What a Gorgeous Day to be a Zombie.

February 17, 2011

I know I haven’t slept much at all last night but with the 10 minutes I have before running to my exam, I just had to get a quick blog in. I want to make sure I blog about it while its fresh so that if Alanna reads this she will know how class went without me having to dig too deeply in my memory for the details. (Missed you today, pawtner!!)

I have to admit the last thing I wanted to do at 9 am was go to a 3 hour podcasting class followed by an economics exam (sorry Caron it’s not you, it’s me). But I also have to admit, I must be a complete dork for not wanting to leave when class was over. After listening to everyone else’s audio-which sounded impressive and of high quality, I was a bit nervous to share mine. At the same time, I knew that ours was going to be different from the start so I sucked in my bravery and whipped it out. I received a lot of support from the class, as well as some suggestions which I’m very thankful for. My hesitation turned into a snowball of ideas, excitement, and creativity.

So.. today I added some background noise and added an echo effect to one of the parts. It doesn’t sound like much but it came out pretty cool. I am going to record some sound effects on my own and see if they will work out better than what I can find on creative commons. I have a thing for being really precise & I can see how it could possibly annoy my partner because it drives me insane.

We need to start expanding our ideas for an audio slideshow/video. I’m excited about the freedom and creativity we’re allowed on this project, it keeps it fresh and challenging.

Anyway, I’m off to my exam. If I’m not dead afterwards, maybe I’ll play around with soundbooth before my 6:10 exam. Then you know the deal-Jersey Shore till I pass out. (:



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