Visually Enhanced notes

February 17, 2011

Hey Class,

Eric here.  I took some notes last time we met on things everyone said about each others’ audiocasts.  Here is a list of GOOD and BAD qualities we noted, and some suggestions for improvement.  Remember/consider these when doing your visually enchanced/improving the audio part.

interviews hard to hear (fuzzy)
p-“pops” and s-“hiss” spikes (audio edit)
peaking/maxing out freqs is bad
vocal volume shoot-ups (try to keep volume consistent)
segue into interviews? – questions
need smoother reading
music too loud
avoid boring tone of voice
must maintain voice

music in background (appropriate)
interview better in chunks?
clear vox
be clear about the bottom line, actions to be taken
nice sound effects

Also, here is a link to my group’s visually enhanced audiocast from last Spring.  I hope you find some inspiration or something.  At least maybe a “well, that was ____, let’s do that”, or “let’s definitely NOT do that”. Enjoy and good luck with your projects. Have fun!



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