Nation by Nation

February 17, 2011

(I’m sorry if you’re getting tired of seeing my blogs but LIKE OMG I just really love to blog!! Plus I feel like death right about now and the only thing keeping me sane is the ability to purge my brain onto wordpress for you to read.)


Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa–country by country.

I can’t say I’m surprised at what I read. The Middle East and North Africa have always been unstable economies but I’m not sure if all of these nation’s or any of them can pull off a revolution and win it. Iran managed to secure a democratic election based on false hopes, revolted for some time resulting in many deaths– but sadly didn’t win. Egypt strongly protested for 18 days resulting in over 365 deaths- and they succeeded..

So what’s different about Egypt that sets their revolution apart from their neighbors? I can’t really be the judge of that because I don’t have a strong background in foreign politics, particularly the economies of the Middle East. But it is my blog, and I do get to say what I want ;-P –I just hope I don’t sound ignorant.

One thing I know is that these people have a lot in common. They are hungry, thirsty, suffering from high unemployment, police brutality, and just want basic freedom. And what I mean by basic freedom– is the difference between the freedom we as Americans have such as freedom to do whatever you want as long as you’re not harming others or theirproperty. Perfect example–Property Rights— Highly paid lawyers are a constant reminder of how importantly we view our rights to own whatever. So what I mean by basic freedom– is inherent human rights–WATER .

I know that if I was a 21 year old middle eastern version of myself, standing on a sandy dune-parched.. while my country is on the brink of war over water reservoirs/aquifers/&basins.. I would be angry at the fact that my government isn’t investing in sustainable technology that can provide potable water to its people.

Thats just me— now imagine that  multiplied by 2.5 billion people. That is a whole lot of thirsty, hungry, hot and bothered people on a dusty continent. And I’m sure I wouldn’t just be angry, I’d be moved by it. Enough to safely proclaim that if I were born into that life, I would die for it to change. I don’t want anyone to be offended by my proclamation(..”because I don’t live there and therefore I can’t possibly understand what it’s like”..) but I inherently believe that if it came down to it, these basic human rights are worth dying for-no matter where I am on this planet. . . . lets not even think about public health & institutions, we’ll be here all day.

So is there a critical formula that puts you in the running to successfully overthrow your corrupt government?? Although these people have something worth fighting for, each nation varies in its level of stability within its own societies–all governments aside. This is were we have radicals, extremists, and groups of people who are deeply religious, where ignorance and hatred for one another are widespread facts of life.

For example, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain have significant Shiite and Sunni populations whom have had a history of rivalry since the day the book was written. Although recently, some tribes have come together.. in general: how can these nations come together and form a strong enough group to overthrow their current leader if they can’t look past their differences?

So with all that being said, I’m trying to figure out why it bothers me to read about so many uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. . . Its not like I think that only some countries are worthy of human rights or that the people of some don’t desire them just as much as another… but I feel like there are certain conditions that must be met between the differing groups of the same nation.

So. . . Here are 3 things that I think should be considered before you jump feet first into a full blown riot. If your going against government- Someone needs a plan…

1. There needs to be a universal cause that is desired strongly enough by a majority of the population or more– and it has to be obtainable. Oh hey! How about a few human rights?!

2. You need to have a respected/credible leader, who makes all the shots and keeps everyone focussed, motivated, and organized. Someone who people perceive as an ideal opponent for the seat in question.

3. There needs to be enough unity between differing groups— in such a way that there is strong trust and high morale. Because if you’re going to risk your life you want to feel certain that others will do the same for you- and that you are all identified as a part of the same experience, for similar reasons.

That’s all I really have on that. Its nothing new … I’m just generalizing… These three things might make up the reasons why people have a gut feeling of excitement and hope when they turn on the news or read about these things–and in the same way, why people may even feel . . . discouraged.



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