My oh My!!! It’s Pie!!!

February 16, 2011

As I sit here eating cobbler, which happens to be a combination of pies, I pondered the state of America’s health level. I arrived at the question of “Why has no one developed a national incentive that focuses on getting America to eat better?” There are so many factors that go into eating and choosing food such as: price, quantity, quality, human preference, happiness, taste, fear, and so on. I have a sweet tooth, and laying down those beautiful carbohydrates is not an easy feat for me. I realized that there are just too many factors going into this topic that one single solution can answer. I am not a nutrition major, therefore this is not my battle, but after writing this blog I have convicted my self to eat healthier. I am now eating chicken salad without mayo and it is delicious.

The point of this blog is able to be related to the water issue. We are only 57,000 students, but even in this small population there is vast diversity and many reasons why people who don’t use refillable water bottles won’t switch. The same complex factors in eating can be applied here. For our project I hope that we can influence a generous portion of Rutgers students about the water issue. Easy? HARDLY! My personal mission is going to be publicity! Change the way the youth thinks and we change the world!!!



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