Is there really something in the water?

February 16, 2011

All this talk about hydration stations and the recent e-mail from the University about them have put me on alert for anything water-oriented. An online newspaper I subscribe to,, recently published a piece about new legislation that aims to halt prescription medications being improperly disposed into New Jersey waterways.

The article talks about what the legislation intends to enact, why it was drafted and what concerns and prospects the bill will have. The Associated Press did a study of drinking water that found a myriad of pharmaceuticals that could have potentially harmful effects, which spurred on Sen. Christopher Bateman (R-Somerset) to sponsor the bill.

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After several changes the legislation has passed through the Senate Environment and Energy Committee but has not become a full law just yet. Why is this important to a podcasting class? Because it’s important to all of us. Being aware of our surroundings not only helps us to make healthier, better decisions but can also help us to become aware of when something is awry in the environment itself.


(Enough doom and gloom. Hope everyone had a nice week and has a nicer weekend! Enjoy the warm weather Friday.)



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