Great audio slideshow example!… atleast in my book.

February 16, 2011

First off I want to mention that Paul and I had a really great session the other day working on our  audio cast rough cut for tomorrow. We got a great amount of work done and things are looking good. I would hardly call it rough, but that is up to you my fellow classmates! I look forward to hearing you input.

I also spent some good time capturing  photos that I thought may work good for our next part of the project. Boy do people look at you strange when you walk around campus with a camera, taking pictures of bike racks and signs! O well, gotta do work!

Now what I really wanted to share. I actually found this video titled “I’m in love with the forest. I want to protect it,”  last week while we were in class. I think it is a really great audio slide show example, but that remains to be seen. I am no expert on the case so who knows. Anyway the reason I feel it works so well, is that most importantly, it grabs the audience. It explains a man’s transition from a logger, destroying the forest to a ranger who now protects it and his mission to do so. The video has breath-taking pictures that continuously blend into the next one. Also the music in the background adds the perfect mood without taking away from the message. It uses on-screen text to inform the audience of things that may otherwise be unknown, such as the location of the pictures, the story behind the message, and the group that is trying to release the information. The narration is in both the native language and translated to english which I feel gives is a really great effects. Overall I think its a great example of something we may be trying to accomplish in class.

Now lets see if I can figure out how to post the link.


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