Bad video

February 16, 2011

Fred sent me a great email last week:

Hi Caron,
Below is a link from Cara Cuite who forwarded an e-mail from Linda Netterville, the grant specialist for Meals on Wheels association of America. The link is a visually enhanced pod casts of sorts meant to encourage “tweens” to read nutrition labels and eat healthier diets. Though this video is a great try, it is terrible!
I know we don’t want to show the class negative things, but with the visually enhanced podcasts on the way I thought it might be fun to pick this video apart, it’s also an opportunity to show why good “podcasters” are needed and where this skill could be useful in the future. Think if one our previous students had been involved with this project how much greater this video could have been.  Fred

Unfortunately, making these videos is particularly difficult because you have to please the government sponsors.  These sponsors can’t fund anything too edgy so most is really snoozy.

Also, most government agencies, (in fact anyone who does not know the communication literature) believe in  the information deficit model.    The (wrong) thinking:  if you give people information, they will change their minds and their behavior.   You guys better not produce work that buys into this model


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