Hydration Station question

February 11, 2011

So as I was interviewing people about the water filtration systems that Rutgers is proposing to build around campus, I discovered a semi-disturbing result. Many students thought that the water filtration stations that would provide clean, fresh and free water to them at the specific stations. The only thing that did not exactly match with Rutgers’ idea was that fact that the students thought they were be more effective in dorms/apartments and classroom buildings rather than student centers. If Rutgers is trying to essentially go water bottle free, I feel that they may want to listen to the student body. The potential of  the water filtration systems is great but like any in the restaurant or advertising field knows, is that its all about location. The simple placement of these stations in the wrong spots could ruin the water bottle free initiative. The next most important thing for the program to succeed is to get the proper advertising out about the water stations. The student body needs to know as a whole about these stations so they can be as effective as possible. The impact that these simple stations could have on Rutgers is unfathomable so I feel that every effort should go into placing these stations in strategic locations with input from both staff and students.


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