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February 10, 2011

Now that I know blogging is homework for each week, I’ll be blogging each week. So far, I think the class has been going well. I’ve been working out which instrumentals I have would go good with our project, based on the ideas we have already. The audiocast is all figured out, now it’s just a manner of getting the ideas from our heads to the tracks. The script for the cast has been refined, and once we go over it a few more times to get the timing and feel for it, we’ll be good with adding the music and interviewees. I primarily wrote the script, so I knew in my head how I wanted it to sound, and after our first runthrough we both got the feel of how it should play out. As for Fred’s idea of radio personalities, it’s a great idea and we’ll consider it, but we have some ideas for how the rest of the projects will play out and we want to work with them first. I’m refining the script for the slideshow, and after input from Ryan for the rough cut and then from the class, we’ll be good to go with adding the picture ideas we already have. To get a jumpstart, I’ve begun scripting the video project. I know it’s not the best way to do things, but the idea we have is one we think is solid and I feel like I can tool around with it and make it a quality piece. Besides, it’s just a way to takes notes and get ideas down as not to lose them. I’ve been writing some draft scripts since mid-July of various other projects I’ve been tooling around with, so writing it out was easy, and by doing so I’ve been getting a penchant for storylines that sound good and make logical sense in the end.

As for a slideshow to post now, the only one I can think of is this one. I know it’s not environmental at all, but I’m not one who goes around and watches environmental based media. Besides, I find this one funny, and I think that if want to keep the audience interested, especially if they’re not gung-ho about changing their ways to go green, it’s best to keep them entertained.

Since I am a fan of the Venture Brothers, they did a PSA at the end of a first season episode that is intentionally bad, but I feel is a good example for how not to do a PSA. The terrible acting by the Venture family, the esoteric problem they deal with, and the overall quality of it is a shining example of what we should strive not to be. A little crude if you’re not a fan of the show, but it’s within their brand of comedy, and actually tied in well with the episode it’s featured in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7aVXQeQALs&feature=related


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