Creativity…not so much?

February 9, 2011

I am feeling a bit under the weather, as I have for some time now. I am tired of it.

It leaches creativity from my brain. So I went on line. The web has ideas for everything, including increasing creativity.

The person who “invented” brainstorming, also developed SCAMPER, which may help you think through a problem.  I know that I have used the approaches below but I did not know I was scampering.

SCAMPER — here’s the breakdown:

S = Substitute? (What can I get rid of, eliminate, or subtract?)

C = Combine? (How can I combine X with Y? What would happen if combine this idea with that idea?)

A = Adapt? (What if we change this?)

M = Modify? = Magnify? (

P = Put to other uses? (

E = Eliminate or minify? (

R = Reverse? = Rearrange? (

For a complete education in how to use SCAMPER, please refer to chapter 9 of Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko.

This same site has instructions for mindstorming–brainstorming solo.  Mindstorming pushes your mind to your edges, which is where I often find an idea.

If you are stuck, SCAMPER, mindstorm, or explore the creativity website that discusses these ideas and others.


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