Creating Incentives

February 9, 2011

In my Group Dynamics and Team Processes class this past weekend, we were shown a video clip from YouTube that demonstrates how creating incentives for people will make them more inclined to do something. This rang a bell in my head because just last Thursday we were also talking about this fact while discussing possible ideas for our audiocasts and ways in which we can get our target audiences to follow through with what we are trying to promote.

In the video, the car company Volkswagen developed garbage receptacles that make noise when a person throws something out into them. By doing this they encouraged people to throw their trash by giving them something fun in return for doing so. Here is the link:

I think of all the groups in our class that may be able to work with an idea similar to this, the “Tailgating” project may gain some ideas being that it involves throwing away or recycling waste. Although I think it is very important to create incentives no matter what your project, therefore all of us should keep this in mind when promoting our ideas.

Watch the video! and check out the piano stairs as well! pretty cooool!


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