The Eco A.V.Club

February 3, 2011

Everyone else did a second blog, so I feel like I should. Meeting with the group today got a lot accomplished. We have a good idea for the final video project, which is not what was intended or considered the best way to go about it, but by getting a solid big picture we worked backwards and now have a direction to take the audiocast in. Getting the departments to support the bike program is our main goal, but with so many other issues regarding biking on campus, we believe we can incorporate all the aspects of getting students to bike as well without being overcrowded or veering off topic. As for the other groups, I can’t get inside their heads to see how their ideas are going to formulate, but things appear to be coming together. By the way, should any other group need some background music that’s not copyrighted, I have a bunch of instrumentals that could be put to use.


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