Egypt’s Impact

February 3, 2011

Hey guys, how’s it going? First I would like to say that this weather is horrible and I am more than ready for spring. So while I was stuck inside in that rain/sleet/ snow storm two days ago, I was watching CNN and the story of the ongoing turmoil in Egypt was being reported. I knew a little of what was going on but I never really thought much of it until then. For those of you like me, who never thought much about it either, I’ll give you a very brief summary. The president of Egypt has been in power for the past 30 years. Egypt’s political system is democratic but he has successfully rigged the elections so that he has remained in power and now Egypt’s population is calling for a change. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the street and are demanding that he steps down from power. What many U.S. citizens do not realize is the direct economical and potential environmental impacts that this could have on us. With the conflict in Egypt escalating, the price of oil is as well.  We hit over $100 a barrel this week.  This trend in gasoline is expected to continue through the crisis, but the major concern for many is that the extremist group in Egypt may take over control instead of having a democratic military power take control like the U.S. wants. If the extremist group does take over power of Egypt, then the U.S. will lose one of it’s main allies in the Mid East and possibly lose access to the Suez Canal and access to the Sudher pipelines which connects most of the Middle East’s oil pipelines.

If this happened then the U.S. will lose the Middle East as an oil supplier and this would drastically effect us economically and environmentally. The U.S. imports 75% of it’s oil from overseas and this shift could lead to an increased need for offshore drilling and increased drilling domestically as well. The possible environmental impacts of this situation are endless and I just feel that it is something that the general population should be aware of. This also made me think of a great podcasting idea in which someone could talk about current political events nationally and internationally and the possible effects they can have on the average person.  I feel like more people would pay attention to and care about world events if they know how it relates to them.

Hope you enjoyed my little tangent!


One Response to “Egypt’s Impact”

  1. Caron said

    Good summary. BUT there are some who say that if America does not support the protesters the U.S. will be worse off. Listen to a range of commentary. Your idea for the “relevant to me” media is great

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