Recent happenings…

February 2, 2011

Hey all!

This weather has been outrageous lately! The city of New Brunswick looks as if prehistoric Woolly Mamouths are about to climb up out of the giant snowbanks (OH BOY!). I don’t know if I am sick of the snow or not though, being that I snowboard and have been enjoying some pretty nice conditons lately.

Anyway, some podcast ideas have been flowing in and around my head here and there. I’ve been talking to students in my classes and that I see at the bus stops whenever I get a chance (trying my best to disregard the creeped out looks that I receive when I randomly approach them asking them why they don’t ride their bikes to class, etc.). 

I do want to mention one cool thing I saw while wandering around the Rutgers Student Center on College Ave. They now have what I would call a “Reverse Vending Machine” of sorts. I am not sure how long it has been there but basically, Pepsi has placed a machine where students can recycle their empty plastic bottles and gain reward points that get put on a rewards card for doing so. I never have any empty plastic bottles so I have not yet tried it to see what types of prize offerings that there might be. But I do think that the concept and idea is an awsome one. What a great step Rutgers and Pepsi have taken to reduce the amount of waste seen here on campus from plastic bottles. I think offering rewards for recycling is a great way to get people to conform and follow somthing people sadly, do not regularly do. It made me think of the group in our Podcasting class who may be dealing with this topic or similar . Go to the RSC and check it out guys!!!  

See you in class tomorrow.


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