The “New” Scoop on Cow Poop.

January 26, 2011

I agree with Kate! The EnvironMinute on I tunes has more great examples of audio podcasts than any of the other ones I came across. In particular the one titled “Cow Power” especially caught my attention. The fact that the Cook/Douglass Campus is regularly infused with the aroma from the cows grazing the pastures along route 1 made me realize that with their ever-present bodily functions, the possibility that one day maybe Rutgers can harvest the gases from the so-called “waste” products of our cows and use it to create electricity that can power the campus sounds like a tremendously awesome idea (that is If we do not do this already?) It seems much sense that we make use of the resources that many times will be considered un-useful or in this case disgusting. Unfortunately this will not rid our campus of the unavoidable stench wafting over the Newell apartments or through the windows of the freshman dorms that some of us may get to enjoy, but hey this is one of the things that makes living on the Cook/Douglass campus so memorable.

I liked this audio podcast the best because it was short and enthusiastic, and presented a real world idea that can seriously be feasible given the circumstances of the Cook/Douglass campus.  Here is the audio cast Cow power.

This was my first experience in the world of Blogging and to say the least, It was much easier than I thought it would be. I am looking forward to learning more new skills from this class that I can use to beef up that Resume!!!


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