Need a name

January 26, 2011

I hope we can get rid of the title: “Class needs to select title.” Bring in ideas. You can also check out the templates that wordpress offers. I don’t think you can apply it to this site because you are not the administrator. But if you like one, we can try it in class.

My house is way too far from school.  But it is beautiful outside.  I see only trees covered with snow.   I love winter.  I have lived in Wisconsin, Michigan, Buffalo, and Syracuse (all places I attended schools).  NJ has the worst snow removal.  I rode my bike all winter in Syracuse because the roads were so clear.

another ask Mr.Green

I hope you will find a different series than this one.   I love these “sound” comments.  Most people think that washing by hand uses less water.  No, says Mr. Green.


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