Podcasting has been an up-and-coming way for entities to reach their audiences through audiocasts available for download. From sports, new, entertainment and the environment, podcasts are becoming popular in the dissemination of information to the public.

But when it comes to spreading environmental awareness, do podcasts really help?

Some podcasts are short and sweet – they get directly to their message and point out one or two feasible solutions to help people become more environmentally friendly. But others go on for too long and tend to lose the interest of their audience. In today’s fast-paced world, people want to hear your message and go on to the next one. A long list of actions that the average person can’t incorporate into their daily life essentially alienates them from the environmental movement.

Some environmental podcasts go on for too long and lose listeners. Podcasts are a great way to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time. If environmental podcasters want to reach their audience, they need to follow some simple rules. Be short and to the point, be practical in your suggestions, and don’t use too many statistics and numbers.


Brrrr, it’s cold in here

January 26, 2011

Ask Mr. Green, Freezer Temperature

This audiocast from Ask Mr. Green deals with the fridge and freezer. Both are amenities we sometimes don’t realize are affecting our energy bills, especially when we turn them up to “coldest cold” to try to squeeze a few extra days out of those deli meats. He tells a concerned listener that the best temperatures to set both are 34 degrees for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer. I personally don’t like using the highest settings on the either, because it causes freezer burn too easily and causes little ice chunks to appear in my V8, which is not cool(lame pun). He also reminds listeners to not stand at the appliance with the door open. That mindless pondering at what to eat for 10 minutes lets all the cold air out, and then both appliances have to crank out energy to get back to the temperature setting. Mr. Green suggests EnergyStar when considering buying a refridgerator.

This one actually took me a long time to find. I’m not one to go search enviro blogs(in fact, i think most of them are terrible) and most of the blogs I found only offered articles or video. The only other audiocasts I could find were interviews with the creators of the Venture Brothers(both of which are 48min+) or from the Onion, which although short and sweet offer nothing but biting satire. Since neither of those choices seemed appropriate, I looked for Mr. Green, the only blog I knew of with an audiocast. And to be honest, I prefer the Onion and the Venture interviews because both of them interest me more than some ‘guru’ telling me how buying local free-range beef will save the planet. Those are pretty depressing, and I go on sites for humor. I hope I can bring some humor to whatever project I’m working on this semester, as that’s what interests me, and I feel a funny podcast that has a decent moral works better than a dry one with heavy overtones. I don’t like blogging, as I find most blogs useless and very self-promotional, and we have enough BS in the media today, but this is at least my two cents for now.

I agree with Kate! The EnvironMinute on I tunes has more great examples of audio podcasts than any of the other ones I came across. In particular the one titled “Cow Power” especially caught my attention. The fact that the Cook/Douglass Campus is regularly infused with the aroma from the cows grazing the pastures along route 1 made me realize that with their ever-present bodily functions, the possibility that one day maybe Rutgers can harvest the gases from the so-called “waste” products of our cows and use it to create electricity that can power the campus sounds like a tremendously awesome idea (that is If we do not do this already?) It seems much sense that we make use of the resources that many times will be considered un-useful or in this case disgusting. Unfortunately this will not rid our campus of the unavoidable stench wafting over the Newell apartments or through the windows of the freshman dorms that some of us may get to enjoy, but hey this is one of the things that makes living on the Cook/Douglass campus so memorable.

I liked this audio podcast the best because it was short and enthusiastic, and presented a real world idea that can seriously be feasible given the circumstances of the Cook/Douglass campus.  Here is the audio cast Cow power.

This was my first experience in the world of Blogging and to say the least, It was much easier than I thought it would be. I am looking forward to learning more new skills from this class that I can use to beef up that Resume!!!

A Whole New World!!!

January 26, 2011

First! I have never, in my years at RU, experienced a class that is even close to the coolness and uniqueness that is exhibited by this class. I think that it’s going to be a lot of work, but this work I am pumped for! I can’t wait to buy myself one of these voice recorder devices, because they are so clutch in the life of a college student. LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what cool things Caron rolls out with next! I can’t wait to learn how to edit all of the voice recordings! We are going to be Environmental Superstars! I can’t wait to “flush out” water ideas with my group partners! Class better not be cancelled tomorrow.

Environment News Podcast - the Green Alternative

Upon searching the depths of Itunes for a podcast that I liked, I sadly came out with more that I didn’t like. The closest podcast that I could find to something that I liked was the Environment news podcast. It is semi-short, and they talk about issues going on around them. It can be monotone, which is something that sends my mind wandering. I do like the accents! A podcast with an accent instantly grabs my attention. I feel that this podcast is a news podcast, thus not the type of podcast I was searching for. It does talk about cool and interesting issue about the environment around Australia. I feel that we might be able to take some of the morals behind those issues and apply it to issues in the US.


Need a name

January 26, 2011

I hope we can get rid of the title: “Class needs to select title.” Bring in ideas. You can also check out the templates that wordpress offers. I don’t think you can apply it to this site because you are not the administrator. But if you like one, we can try it in class.

My house is way too far from school.  But it is beautiful outside.  I see only trees covered with snow.   I love winter.  I have lived in Wisconsin, Michigan, Buffalo, and Syracuse (all places I attended schools).  NJ has the worst snow removal.  I rode my bike all winter in Syracuse because the roads were so clear.

another ask Mr.Green

I hope you will find a different series than this one.   I love these “sound” comments.  Most people think that washing by hand uses less water.  No, says Mr. Green.

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I suppose I should begin by saying how much I liked our first class! I’m excited about my topic and to learn new a/v equipment and skills. I also think that this blog is going to be a great way for the class to communicate and share ideas. I liked using it for environmental comm., and I think it’s going to be even more instrumental in this class.

As for an audiocast that I like, EnvironMinute is a good one. It is brief, and covers interesting and relevant issues about the environment, sustainability, and resources around the world. It tells you just enough about an issue to get you hooked, and makes you want to look deeper into it. It also often offers quick fixes for common environmental issues, and brings to light issues that we might not normally consider like recycling ink cartridges or purchasing sustainably grown lumber.

EnvironMinute is aired around the country every day on public radio, and can be accessed on iTunes by searching EnvironMinute… But for now, you can just click EnvironMinute to listen.

What will you say?

January 19, 2011

I am looking forward to reading your postings.