I agree with Jess, I can’t wait to wear nice clothes (if only to show everyone I DON’T wear gym clothes all the time hahaha) but I think that people should wear whatever they want – this is our premier, we’ve worked hard and deserve to do this our way.

I’m excited to see the finished products of all the groups (even though I don’t want ours to be shown, simply because I hate attention hahaha)

As for the food and drink, whatever is fine with me. It’s at a funny time of the day and us seniors have the Cook Ceremony afterwards so if we end up not getting anything it’s not the end of the world. I’m excited to see what Jess whips up and if I have time I’ll try and make something too (though I have a lot of stuff between now and then :/ )

Hope everyone’s last days of classes are going well, see ya in the morning!



I want to choose something iconic! Something original! But WHAT IS THAT PIECE?!? lets look at some pictures




Upon looking for inspiration i find my self happily in the middle of all of these looks. SO you will just have to wait and see what i wear to this awesome event!!



green carpet event

April 26, 2011

I am going to have as much fun as I can with this. Which probably consists of me being all dolled up because I never get to since all my friends are dudes and most of my down time is spent sitting playing video games or watching basket ball these days. It also means that when “I go out” I never get dressed up because then I just end up looking like a jump off. =\

If I have time, I’ll try to u[cycle something and make it seem high fashion(: . If I don’t have time, well then I’ll just stick to my classy little black dress which seems like the inevitable path. -__-

I think people should wear whatever they want to wear.. If Dan wants to wear a suit made of plastic water bottles-so be it. While searching the internet for a bottle suit photo, i found this. LMAO check it out…

If Ryan and Paul want to wear nothing but socks and bike helmits- SO BE IT! (jk don’t)(then again… jk about j/king) O_o

As for refreshments, its not really that serious.. The event will last for about an hour. I will aim to bake chocolate chip cookies with reese’s peanut buttercups baked in them, for those with peanut allergies.. I’m sorry you have to miss out on an essential element of happiness (in terms of not EVER consuming a reese’s peanut butter cup) but… just don’t eat them. =\

ALSO—> I really wan’t to make a fun short video where we’re all zombies and we chase Alanna around passion puddle. I think she’s had a hard semester and she deserves to get a laugh in somewhere.  (: (If we made this video and I died shortly after in a freak accident then I’d be happy with my life. . . well no, first I’d have to make it to harry potter land. . . THEN AND ONLY THEN would I be happy.)

Green Carpet Atire?

April 23, 2011

The tailgate group

The water bottle group


the bike group
 I believe this is what Dan had in mind HAHA… Lets stick to the classy/ casual….dress however you like for the event.  

Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom

Well Well Well. We have a green carpet coming up. That means the end of the semester…and our impending DOOM! All our group really has left is the soundtrack. That should be done during the week, or next class when the room is guaranteed to not be occupied. As far as what we’re wearing, wear whatever you want. It’s your video, no one should tell you how to dress for your event. Just wear it with style. As far as the time, a Tuesday at 2 p.m., I’ll try my best to wake up by that time.

With the alcohol situation, I’m a non-drinker, but whatever you guys are doing is fine by me. If you are going for champagne or wine, get something that’s not cheap but not to expensive. Moderately priced, something fitting to the occasion. “How I Met Your Mother” showed that $2500 Scotch tastes the same as $10 Scotch. Single-digit price range stuff might as well be paint thinner, while spending more than $50 on a bottle that’s going to be used for one sitting is close to a Charlie level of retarded. 

There better be milksteak at this event.

 Also, you know how carpeted events usually have a correspondent that interviews people and critiques their fashion choices?


Dibs. Get it. I called Dibs.

Remember the Oil Spill?

April 21, 2011

A week ago last year, the U.S. experienced the worst oil spill in our country’s history. BP‘s Macondo well blew out, killing 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon rig about 100 miles south of Mobile off the coast of Louisiana. Oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico for three months before the company could stop the nation’s worst offshore spill. News reports have been coming out  this week as many scientists are doing their review of the status of the gulf’s health and the states that were effected. The surprising result is though, that the gulf is doing much better than anyone could have hoped for. Although clean up crews are still working daily along the beaches picking up tar balls and other oil that is still on the beaches but the most shocking news is that the gulf is restoring itself. What many do not realize is that before humans manage to cause horrible oil spills, the Earth was having them for millions of years already. When underground tectonic plates would shift on the ocean floor, it would sometimes cause cracks in the surface and cause an oil spill. Luckily the Earth has cleaning mechanism of it’s own. The bacteria in the ocean is capable of ingesting and breaking down the oil and the warmer the water is the more effective these bacteria are. This hands off approach to cleaning up the waters of the oil spill is one of the most effective ways they have found so far. this bacteria is able to process oil-rich water much faster than the processes that we are capable of today.  This does not mean though that we are in the clear. The environmental impacts on the states and the gulf will be hard to fully fathom for several years but let’s not forget what has happened. Although most of the U.S. has moved on to the next crisis or war, let’s not forget what we learned here and do not forget about atrocities that occurred just over a year ago

There’s less than a month left till graduation and I’m running around trying to get all of my work done (and not freak out about being in the real world…)

I’m finding it hard to make the visions in my head appear in Adobe Premier Pro. Which is every director’s dilemma, I guess, but it’s frustrating and I’m having problems figuring out what to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort stuff out tomorrow in class.

I found this really cool video about bottled water. It’s longer than what we want but I thought it was interesting the way they did animation.

birds! Birds!! BIRDS!!!

April 20, 2011

I think I may be turning into a bird brain! I have been studying the numerous orders and families of these winged creatures, in order to prepare for an Ornithology practical exam. At first I was just studying names and birds, nothing more and nothing less. Then I started to realize that some of the characteristics of birds were pretty cool. I was noticing their beauty for what they could do. I saw their beauty in their flight, in their respiratory system, and, among other things, in their architectural capacities! What I didn’t realize, until I sat in a room filled with them, was their sheer beauty, raw and perfect. I just fell in love!

This one is called a Scarlet Tanager! We have them here.

This is one of my favorites, and it is called a Black-billed Magpie!

Look at this little guy called a Blackburnian Warbler, he is so cute, and lights up the world in a way. All birds have beauty to offer, whether through song or ability or beauty!

Here is a song from a funny little bird. It sound like he is saying “drink your teeeee”. Here is the image to that funny little bird called an Eastern Towhee.

You also have really large birds that carry majesty and power with them at all times like the Bald Eagle!

It just makes me appreciate our world even more!

This last bird is one of the fastest birds in the world!

So Beautiful! I found of how fast this bird is moving, which is pretty cool. The highest speed ever recorded 242 mph!

WATCH THIS! To wrap up I just wanted to say keep your eyes pealed to the skies for the beauty above!!!

As Earth Day’s 41st Anniversary is approaching, the Supreme Court is preparing itself for a battle over whether or not climate change issues will be heard in the high court. The case would decide whether or not green house gas emissions could be considered a “nuisance” under the law. The defendants are five of the largest emitting corporations in the world, and they are going up against stakeholders from seven different states. What interests me most about this issue is that undoubtedly all of the victims calling this act of emitting a nuisance, will also be perpetrators… surely none of them are innocent of producing GHG emissions! Even if we narrowed the scope of
‘perps’ to those who measured a certain emission level specified by the EPA as worthy of litigation, there would still be over 1000 defendants… I feel like this is just the beginning. As GHG emissions increase and effects of climate change begin to show more and more apparently, we could see some pretty crazy things going on legally and otherwise. This is essentially the largest Tragedy of the Commons the world has ever seen – truly no one is innocent and no one is unaffected…. justtttt something to ponder!

Oh, and be nice to your Mama this Earth Day by doing something eco-friendly and awesome. Happy Earth Day y’all 🙂

As mother nature continues to barrage us with a flurry of her fury, making every last possible opportunity to film anything with the hundreds of dollars  in equipment that we borrowed completely impossible due to rain, we yet again find ourselves in a predicament that really pisses me off.  Ideally I want to film the rest of this Pod cast and do it well. Caron shared an excellent video with us last week of last years class, in which I assume Lila took on the Bike project as well.? YES! i know we have the capability of doing this…and maybe better, but who knows, she’s a talented girl!

Anyway, I saw that Paul has reached out to the class to help us in class tomorrow. I agree, but feel like having people in our class act in our video will take away from the creativeness a bit. Not that the tailgating scenes we did for the other group were bad, that’s fine because it’s just a few scenes and we like to PARTY (though we know how to keep our guns in our pants) thanks for ruining Rutgersfest! But ours is a completely different story. Frankly you guys have your own work to do and I would like to see you continue to do that and make your videos as AWESOME AS POSSIBLE! We will get our people so don’t worry. Or do, and we will prove you wrong! 

I will be bringing my bike in tomorrow and hopefully we can round-up some peeps from the streets and get this bad boy filmed, the right way. We have a sick story board! I got some awesome footage of route 18 traffic the other day, scaling walls and laying just feet above the rush hour scene while being beeped and screamed at. SO were gonna crank it out and DO WORK SON!

 Lastly, Friday April 22nd is EARTHDAY, then comes Arbor Day the following Friday. So get some seeds (your preference ;)) and plant something. Or pick up some trash and help out mother nature so that maybe she can stop this rain shit and give us some nice sunny weather to finally enjoy! She’s pissed so give her a hug!